Great shoes with high esthetic quality – who wouldn’t want them? Shoe designer Camila Skovgaard is more famous than ever, her latest creation being seen even on the red carpet. With rather simple and minimalistic designs, yet powerful and impressive due to the specific sole, the shoes from Camila Skovgaard’s spring 2010 shoes are sexy, sculptural, and a must-he for the upcoming season.

The collection includes shoes in neutral colors, except for a red pair of saw sandals, which, by the way, are more than just one colored pair of shoes; due to their design and specific color, they become a statement for the whole collection. The rest of the shoes come in soft, neutral colors.

Awarded with Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for Excellence in British Craftsmanship, Camilla has created a unique, gorgeous line of shoes. Drop point sandals, knot clogs, tassel detailing, saw sandals, chain strap sandals, saw mules, or wedge booties and, of course, a tri-point stiletto – these are the stars of Camilla Skovgaard’s spring 2010 collection.

Made with high quality leather and an incredible craftsmanship, the shoes are a true work of art. But, of course, when it comes to the Danish shoe designer, this is always a verified fact.

Camilla Skovsgaard 2010 Spring Shoes Camilla Skovsgaard Chain Wedges

We loved the suede saw mule sandals, with a 115mm tapered heel, a rounded open toe and with the signature serrated rubber platform. With leather sole and innersole, these shoeslook amazing!

Also, the famous yet controversial suede knot tassel clog pumps, definitely worth a try. Made of lambskin, they have a 125mm suede covered tapered heel, a round toe and long knotted fringes at front, which make this pair of shoes unique.