With the Burak Uyan fall/winter season options clearly laid down, the desire to see upcoming alternatives is completely understandable, especially if we are talking about such innovative shoemakers. With a strong focus on both style and comfort, the designs from the label have quickly became celebrity adored alternatives. The spring 2013 shoe collection focuses on the same style elements that have made the label so popular: perfect precision between well defined styles with a geometric vibe and adequate proportion between the platfrom, the heel and the sole for adequate comfort.

If geometric accents were merely a stylistic choice in past seasons, the label’s core concept is now widely embraced by high end retailers, which means the new designs can easily win the ‘it’ shoe titled in the upcoming warm seasons. The complexity of the designs, be it pattern wise or texture and chromatic contrasts is sure to get a lot of lust-worthy looks due to their unmistakably modern allure that appeals to more than hard core trend enthusiasts.

When it comes to lust-worthy alternatives, it seems that certain motifs are destined to become crowd favorites. Animal prints and color blocking are two such stylistic choices that have a way of drawing attention like a magnet and never feel obsolete. Perforated leather is perhaps one motif that has feel into oblivion in the past season but the high end retailer sure knows how to make it look hot and interesting all over again. For even more visual interest, tassels seems to be the perfect option for completing the look.

Both color lovers and those looking for a well defined versatile alternative with an interesting twist can find a multitude of interesting alternatives. Moreover, those looking for comfy yet stylish alternatives will also have plenty of options worth considering. Whether you’re ready to take the world by storm with statement shoes or want edgy yet comfy options, the new collection can offer you plenty of stunners worth analyzing.

Photo courtesy of Burak Uyan