This prolific and hyper-talented shoemaker certainly knows a thing or two about designing red-carpet-worthy and luxe accessories. Style fans, it’s time to indulge in a fascinating visual experience by browsing through the latest Burak Uyan fall 2012 shoes collection. Experimenting with innovative heel structures and unconventional chromatic mix/matching guaranteed the impressive pack of A-list celeb clients. The fact that he was awarded with the Vivian Infantino Award for Emerging Talent by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) officially confirmed the reputation of Burak Uyan as a fashion force in this modern industry.

Besides concentrating on the invention of futuristic and extravagant shoe designs, this highly acclaimed designer also focused on the comfort factor which is also extremely important to make these amazing high-heel wearable by women with different lifestyle and from different age groups. Fashionistas could be treated like real divas if they decided to sport one of these exclusive beep-toe booties, cut-out sandals and gorgeous platform shoes.

Thanks to numerous collaborations with other worldwide-known fashion ateliers like Gaspard Yurkievich, Givenchy, Alberto Marani and Gimabattista Valli, Burak Uyan succeeded in building up a unique and prophetic style realm. According to the designer, the main inspiration for his collections comes from “architecture and arts and crafts.”

Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes

The Burak Uyan fall 2012 shoes collection celebrates the reign of futuristic and geometric elements used in contemporaneity shoe design. Creating all of these footwear designs required hard work and loads of creativity. Burak Uyan committed himself to the creation of high-heel sandals and ankle boots which revolutionize the traditional techniques used by accessory designers. Outstanding heel models inject an original and fashion forward vibe into these wardrobe staples. According to the review of by Susan Tabak, Burak Uyan “experiments with unusual heel shapes, including cylinders, elegantly-tapered talons and even constructions made of metal rods.”

Python, suede and snakeskin are used most frequently in order to add a divine and vibrant glam to these chic accessories. Rock the mono-chromatic footwear styles if you want to build up a minimalist chic ensemble. On the other hand, you could also strip off your confidence issues by sporting some of the technicolor platform leather sandals. Join the cool generation by sporting bright and bold shades even during the coldest days. Don’t limit yourself to neutrals and soft earth tones if you want to attract the attention of admirers. It’s time to banish monotony with these urban glam Burak Uyan shoes.

Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes Burak Uyan Fall 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Burak Uyan