Those who own special features when it comes of foot size as well as shape and width should definitely devote more time and energy to the selection of the best footwear. This is extremely important in order to both look stylish and most importantly offer a comfortable experience to your feet sparing yourself from various accidents and damages. Producers know very well how hard it is to spot the perfectly fitting pair of shoes, therefore they aim to constantly enlarge the market and come up with life-saving ideas that would save our feet from pain and discomfort. Moreover style trendsetters are also eager to provide us with the most voguish shoe designs options that are both versed with the latest fashion trends and are perfect to pamper our feet. These are some of the best shoe designs for wide feet to sport with confidence and pleasure.

Classy pumps

The classic and refined designs of the well-known pumps would provide us with the opportunity to pair the right accessory to our formal as well as casual chic wear. Those who are eager to sport high heels everytime they leave the house will be glad to arm up their wardrobe with these cute classy pumps designs. Indeed similar shoes are ideal to dress up your outfit especially when heading to the office or the town for a shopping tour and you need a comfortable and womanish shoe style. Explore the pleasure of sporting these high heels that furnish the feet with enough space to take a secure and comfy position. Choose from the most trendy designer shoes that come in endless shades and shapes.

Chunky Heels

Ultra-narrow heels might not be the best alternative when it comes of having a wide feet. Instead rely on the stability and security chunky heels offer your body and choose them with confidence. These shoes besides being comfortable are also super-chic and on-trend. Pair them with jeans and stylish skirts and fall dresses to achieve the desired effect. Moreover these shoe designs are also top notch accessories for those who are rookies in the art of walking. Rock the transition from flats to heels with these in-between solutions. Sport them in leather or suede as well as the endless color palette the industry offers you.

Platform Shoes

The same principle applies to platform shoes that offer a wider and larger space for your feet to rest. In spite of the high heels you won’t feel the same extreme pressure on your feet if the shoes are enhanced with a platform detail. These pumps as well as cute sandals would ease your job when it comes of choosing a faddish and also feet-pampering accessory to complete your office chic as well as semi-formal outfits. Take advantage of the comfort it offers and grant these shoes with a front row position in your wardrobe to have them at hand everytime you are eager to bring out the inner fashionista from you.

Kitten Heels

The latest fashion trends brought to the surface some of the once considered ‘no-no’ trends. Kitten heels make no exception when it comes of controversy. Therefore some might stay away of these classy shoes and swap them for high heels. However they would be actually surprised of the miraculous effect of these footwear on our body as these reduce the pressure placed on the heels to minimum. Embed the trend into your daily chic and womanly looks and this time try to take advantage of the more feet-friendly trends of the next season and wear them as often as you can.