Shoes play a very important role when it comes to fashion style so if you love shoes take a peek at the lovable Bass loves Rachel Antonoff shoe collection, as you will most definitely fall in love with the stylish designs!

The Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 shoe collection can most definitely bring a smile to your face as it is an adorable shoe collection suitable for women who love comfortable, vintage style shoes which exude style.

Shoes play a very important role when it comes to fashion and style so no wonder Rachel Antonoff decided to collaborate with Bass, the well known classic and edgy style shoe brand. Rachel Antonoff is known for her fabulous vintage style dresses and the shoes designed in collaboration with Bass suit the style of the clothes fabulously. The Bass hearts Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 shoe collection is amazing and not only this, the prices are more than reasonable, making the perfect for anyone who love classic shoes.

The high quality style and fabulous designs of the shoes has attracted a great amount of positive attention towards this shoe collection. It seems that the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 shoe collection differs from most spring/sumer shoe trends, but that doesn't make them any less stylish. These shoes are definitely not for everyone, they are for women who love vintage style fashion, especially women who love loafers and oxford shoes.

Leathers is the main fabric used to create the shoes and this means your shoes will not only last but they will also suit the characteristics of vintage style shoes and exude luxury. Floral applications and bows seems to suit the shoe designs perfectly, making the shoes look more stylish and unique.

For a more feminine approach you can choose the medium heel vintage style shoes which can feature a monochrome or two tone coloration. These shoes look perfect if combined with vintage dresses and even trousers or skirts, so if you love vintage fashion don't hesitate to make the shoes a part of your shoe collection.

The Odette oxford shoes look stunning and can most definitely help boost the style of your shoe collection. These shoes are perfect for women who love comfortable shoes but shoes which exude style so don't hesitate to purchase your favorite pair!

The shoes featured in the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 lookbook area amazingly stylish and have a very reasonable price. The prices range from $99 to $149 so save some money and purchase your favorite pair of shoes signed Bass hearts Rachel Antonoff as they are truly worth every cent!

Photos via Rachel Antonoff facebook