The fab style guru trio made up of Alessandra Lanvin, Srdjan Prodanovic and Burak Uyan decided to come up with a complete footwear line that appeals to women of all age groups and types of personality. The new generation high heels are here to provide us with wardrobe staples that are not only super-chic, but also extremely comfortable.

At first it might seem that you have to deal with magic, however, as designers claim, the trick is pure mathematics. Those who wish to sport platform sandals and stilettos with which they can build a special relationship with should definitely take a closer peek at the Aperlai spring 2011 shoe collection. It’s bold and bright and has a mass-appealing quality which definitely contributes to the tremendous popularity of the style brand. Appearances might trick you, therefore, instead of making any suppositions, it’s time to try these ultra-glam shoes on and strut your way to the best dressed list.

Pragmatic meets subtle elegance in this fabulous style project of three of the most prominent designers of the moment. Thanks to the thicker heel-platform combination, more and more fashionistas will be able to sport these chic sandals. Besides the pleasant experience guaranteed by the anatomy of these shoes, you’ll have the privilege also to select your fave design from a wide color palette.

Turquoise, orange, yellow along with the classy neutrals are here to add some interest to your look. Inject urbane glam into your new season wardrobe by skimming through the most voguish Aperlai shoes. In need of classy designs that can complement all your high street attires it is highly recommended to think big and expand your style vision. The super-high and thin metal stilettos together with the chic platforms decorated with satin ankle wraps and feminine details are here to help you build up a fail-safe and show-stopping blooming season look.

Snakeskin details and other exotic skins turn these shoes into high class accessories that echo the lady-like style fashion trends oh-so-popular on the runway and the streets. Channel your inner diva into a show-stopping outfit that makes you feel and look confident. The complete Aperlai collection is available to trendsetters-to-bes who are keen to discover the cathartic experience of sporting shoes that are both comfortable and adapt to the latest fashion tendencies. When envisioning your next glam attire, it is important to dedicate special attention to your footwear as the ultimate detail that can add some drama to your casual, semi-formal and party wear. You’ll find also moccasins if you wish to proceed from flat to the higher heels. On the other hand, if you’re a natural born trailblazer, go for killer stilettos that can add refinement and length to your silhouette.

Image courtesy of Aperlai Paris