When it comes to finding the right pair of shoes, we sometimes tend to sacrifice style for maximum comfort. However, the latest footwear collections are real fashion lifesavers, bringing extremely stylish designs that look utterly cute and chic. And Anaid Kupuri spring/summer 2011 shoe line is one good example as it comes with a wide palette of good, wearable shoes, sandals and even heels.

Anaid and Josep are the two persons behind the Anaid Kupuri brand that was born in 2007. Their main goal is to create shoes for a modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic woman who always makes smart investments when choosing her footwear. Besides, their designs are made in order to embody a perfect combination of timeless flair, freshness and comfort.

Still, what does ‘kupuri’ stand for? It seems that the word ‘kupuri’ has Mexican origins meaning ‘soul’ in huichol. And indeed, every item and detail in their collection looks just like having been made with passion and dedication. It’s impossible to resist to those gorgeous oxfords or flats and those oh-so-adorable ballerina shoes. Everything screams maximum comfort and versatility, offering the proper support to your feet.

Hot summer days can be rather exhausting and too often we have the ‘chance’ to experience aching feet. We want something flattering and stylish, but also comfortable and practical for our feet. Anaid Kupuri has a lot of shoes and sandals that are comfy enough to walk around in all day. Upgrade your casual look with a pair of cute flat sandals that can give your feet a rest while adding a sexy, feminine touch. The Barcelona-based label includes in its spring/summer 2011 collection beautiful designs that can be worn comfortably to different styles. Besides, the colors are versatile, allowing you to try numerous mix/matching possibilities.

When temperature rises, what better way to show off those sexy legs than by choosing a pair of high-heeled sandals? Still, do comfortable high heels exist or this is just a myth? According to fashionistas around the world, flats are not the only comfy shoes. High-heeled sandals will always represent a must-have item for summer, reinventing themselves season after season. Besides, there are a lot of different design options for you to choose from. Why not dare a unique pair just like spotted in the Anaid Kupuri spring/summer 2011 collection?

Photos courtesy of Anaid Kupuri