There’s always room for innovation as Ana Locking also suggests. There’s no need to choose a classy tailoring design, it is also important to breathe life into the refined materials with the help of versatile prints and patterns. The Ana Locking spring 2011 shoes follow a more glamorous and provocative style policy.

These accessories armed up with killer heels and eye-catching decorative elements turn out to be some of the most impressive closet staples for the new generation of fashionistas.

Platform stilettos are the real deal if you wish to add some length and definition to your silhouette. Taking a closer look at the dazzling repertoire of stylish high heels will help us spot the creative and revolutionary print Ana Locking decided to promote this season. Besides snake-skin, we have actual images of the human body and more specifically that of muscles. Those who are craving for style items that would definitely attract immediate attention will have the privilege to pamper their style sense with the A-list footwear designs included in this mesmerizing collection.

Contemporary fashion is about expressing our views of what are the most visionary fashion staples that can make a real statement. If you’re ready to break out of your shell, it’s time to take a more edgy and surprising take on the newest fashion trends. Accessories can be turned into a real manifesto to reflect your open-minded attitude towards your style evolution. Ana Locking provides you with stilettos complemented with a platform sole, super-skinny ankle straps and other dainty details. Embrace the lady-like style wave and showcase your talent to fuse the most dapper clothing elements and accessories into a voguish outfit. Let your footwear radiate refinement and body-consciousness. Learn how to walk in sky-high heels and let the complete collection invite you into a bizarre and at the same time overwhelming world of dazzling prints and patterns.

The colorful and bright python leather will help you get into the groove of the eclectic and bold style trend. Leave all your neutral accessories at home and start your makeover by working with color blocking. Try your hand at the versatile and multi-tonal outfits using the Ana Locking shoe parade as the perfect source of inspiration to select statement footwear designs. The radiant high heels dressed up with unconventional prints and details will prove to be the style crush of the whole fashion armada. Those who are not afraid of flashing their modern warm season look will have the chance to win the heart of all style critics.

Image courtesy of Ana Locking