No matter how many benefits can be obtained from getting the hottest high heeled shoe style of the moment, there’s something unrivaled about finding the perfect pair of sneakers that will adequately highlight your personality and at the same time will enable you to stay comfortable and make a statement with extreme ease. A new interesting collaboration aims to make your sneakers dream come true. After six year, SUPRA has finally decided to release a women’s line and teamed up with A-Morir to really take things to another level.

The new sneaker line stays right in line with some of the most important trends of the moment, mainly attention-grabbing designs that enhance the overall appeal of sporty outfits. The abundance of Skytop styles is one of the best indicators of the new style direction that is going to persist for a while. Diversity and boldness are two of the strongest attributes of the collection which is already available for purchase. Matte, sequined or printed are the main alternatives to choose from to be on top of the latest trends.

If you’re into visual interest with a touch of complexity, the colorful printed styles will definitely prove a suitable set of alternatives. From ultra cute animal print motifs which add a touch of complexity without stealing all the spotlight to the more serious yet ultra fun army prints with a girly touch, the possibilities are numerous. Then, of course, there’s always the possibility of experimenting with sequined styles. Done right, these options can definitely help you stand out.

Kerin Rose stated that “I wanted to design a sneaker I hadn’t seen before. This Skytop fills a huge need for a fashionable women’s sneaker and I know the rest of the range will as well. I’m so honored to have the A-Morir collaboration be the first shoe in what is sure to be an exquisite range for women.” Judging by the available styles and their instant magnetic appeal, we can pretty much conclude that the goals of the collection have been successfully met.

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