After designing a unique sculptural collection with plenty of volume and inspired by Asian culture, especially by the origami style, Spanish designer Amaya Arzuaga has come up with a stunning shoe collection to match her spring/summer line.

Respecting the general trend of embellished hells which will characterize the upcoming season, Amaya Arzuaga added some extra ingredients to her designs.

This is a rather conceptual line of shoes, spiced up with colorful heels and sculptural shape that will certainly make every woman desire at least a pair.

These are definitely very inspired designs which quickly become inspirational for the whole fashion industry. Talk about architectural clothing – a must-have to pair with is an Amaya Arzuaga pair of shoes.

Amaya Arzuaga Amaya Arzuaga Shoes

The Spanish designer beautifully combines a certain New Age look with artistic inspiration, bold and electric colors and plenty of challenge. This is the next it thing in shoe design, combining only fine fabrics to develop these wonderful creations: exquisite leather, patent and satin, silk or treated leather, and even wood. Amaya Arzuaga’s spring 2010 shoe collection includes different designs, starting with platforms, pumps, flip flops and salon shoes. They are all geometrically designed to be just perfect, reuniting the collection under a single word: stunning.