The fantasy lives on as many style critics were relieved to watch a fashion show offering the same grandiose and overwhelming pleasure as the ones actually conceived by the late Alexander McQueen. The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 shoes as well as other accessories and the complete collection illustrate the world couldn't wish for a better heir to the McQueen throne than Sarah Burton. The talented designer took the style-conscious public of its feet, honoring the legacy as the fruit of her collaboration with one of the fashion demigods of our times.

During the fashion weeks numerous designers offer us the chance to get an insight into their wildest fashion fantasies. Indeed the public is eager to take a peek and absorb all the creativity and out of this world allure these collections radiate. For the next season minimalist clashes the complex and architectural patterns granting us with the privilege to decide which world attracts us more. Moreover, there are designers who seem to have the power to levitate and depart into another and more intriguing and artistic world.

Alexander McQueen was without a doubt one of the great style wizards of our times, taking us into a realm of heartwarming colors and flamboyant structures. Fortunately his legacy is preserved and more, enriched by Sarah Burton the designer who shared the same vision with 'Lee' for no less than 15 years. The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 shoe designs are the living proof of the heiress' talent and ambition to honor the McQueen name.

This time the public had the chance to enjoy the pleasure of being in a magical world that is so characteristic of the realm Alexander McQueen envisioned. Indeed nature manages to rise above all that's material and functional. The various outfits with their geometrical and extravagant texture and structure all break the monotony of minimalism and utilitarian chic.
Those who would like to have a real cathartic experience should definitely go lower and take a closer and more profound glimpse at the glamorous and theatrical footwear that complements and more visually enriches the whole collection.

Using the showy chromatic combo of white, black and gold the designer managed to set up a real opera of fab still wearable shoes. Without a doubt those who are familiarized with the work of Alexander McQueen might be surprised by the simplicity yet elegance of these high heels. Cut-out details as well as buckles and stylish designs decorate the pumps offering us the chance to sport statement accessories all throughout the warm season.
Sarah Burton indeed decided to add something of her own personality to this brilliant collection. Muted angled and more feminine lines are her contribution to the brand new style vision.

As we proceed in the heart of the collection nature seems to suppress all that's earthly and rational.The designs as well as decorations transcend the laws of physics and we'll have the chance to see handmade butterflies, feathers and other baroque accessories covering the dresses and ensembles.
Models are embraced with soft and silky textures that still aim to emphasize their fairy-like allure and charming beauty. Alexander McQueen was indeed one of the most inspiring and unique designers who's chief aim was to grab people and imprison them into this virtual world of heavenly designs and breathtaking apparels.

Shoes make no exception when it comes of handcrafts and the essence of structure.
Baroque details can be identified in the shape of shoes decorated with butterflies as well as crafted elements. Gold is the ultimate hue that is best associated with the flashy and luscious vibe this footwear radiates. Therefore those who would like to have a special bond with their wardrobe staples not a functional relationship should definitely put on these extravagant shoes that would melt on your feet.

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