One can always expect to see fab sexy options in Alexander McQueen collections and the pre-spring 2013 collection is no exception. A comprehensive list of gorgeous alternatives unravel where modern sophistication blends with versatility bringing the best of both worlds. Edginess with a classy vibe describes the best the new designs envisioned by the label. From pumps to sandals, each option oozes sexiness and is fairly versatile.

Bold tones have the power of bringing a variety of looks to the next level and such options are always an interesting touch. It appears that the popularity of gorgeous platforms isn’t going to go away anytime soon as the new collection abounds in such styles. After all, what’s not to love about embracing height without all the pain? Lovers of such styles will definitely have enough alternatives to choose from. Animal prints also make their way into the new season, albeit in a fairly subtle manner.

Studs are another style element with great staying power, so fashionistas who crave a touch of edginess can easily get their fashion fix with a variety of fun designs. The new collection also seems keen on perpetuating the golden tones that have added richness and sophistication to so many accessories this season. Aside from the classy golden sandals, the refined black-gold combos get spectacular reinterpretations in the new collection. Even the iconic skull motif gets a glam makeover being added in the new alternatives for the season as well.

Whether you prefer intricate designs or like keeping things simple but bold, the new collection abounds in classy alternatives you can use to perk up your outfits and stay gorgeous every single time. High heels are perfect for emphasizing one’s legs. Experiment with versatile yet elegant options for a variety of fun style statements that are sure to help you get noticed every single time.

Photo courtesy of Alexander McQueen