With his signature being extremely high heels, Alejandro Ingelmo created a shoe universe full of drama, intensity and an incredible attention to all details which make a shoe perfect.

These are his special secret ingredients which make both men and women fall in love with each of his collections, season by season. The American designer uses only luxurious fabrics and the right colors when releasing his shoe lines, so it’s really no wonder we all expect and hunt them year by year.

After the great success in the women’s department, Ingelmo also begun to focus on the men’s shoe lines, quickly developing his renowned sneakers the whole world nowadays likes so much.

Alejandro Ingelmo’s spring 2010 shoe collection follows the same artistic principle as all other collections: edgy designs, sculptural high heels, modern textures, well-chosen hardware and exquisite fabrics.

One of Ingelmo’s most beautiful creations for the upcoming season is the Bianca zipper booties. They are sexy, inspiring, powerful and daring, due to their cut outs and peep-toe design.

The cut out trend will also be popular this future spring in other designer’s creations too, just like Gucci, with the knee-high boots with cut out details, or Marni, which has come up both with a perforated leather bag and with a pair of perforated leather ankle boots which follow the same artistic direction.

In Alejandro Ingelmo’s case, a good pair of shoes is the most important thing a woman should have in her wardrobe, so be in touch and follow any news related to his spring/summer 2010 collection. It will amaze us all.