Selecting fashionable shoes is by far one of the simplest and most convenient choices we can adopt whenever we want to make a strong fashion statement. Due to the variety of style choices available nowadays, sacrificing comfort in favor of style and elegance is no longer necessary. Wedges have become an irreplaceable fashion staple for modern, active women who want to emphasize their femininity in a casual, chic and comfortable manner.

The Aldo for Julian Louie spring summer 2011 shoe collection seems to be built around the same aforementioned concepts, providing some undeniably thought-provoking choices that are certainly worth taking into account. Moving past the usual surprising color combinations, the collection uses a myriad of different elements to distinguish this collection from the various others of the sort. Colorful and daring, eclectic, modern and chic or fresh and exciting are just some of the attributes that come to our mind when taking even a superficial glance at the collection.

Taking a slightly different approach as far as spring 2011 shoe trends are concerned, the designers have chosen to move past floral prints or exotic leather touches that have been used abundantly on some of the most important runways. Instead, the collection features several tribal prints combos, a complex trend that has had a more discreet presence on catwalks.

Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Footwear Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Shoes Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Shoes Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Shoes

The patchwork influence, apparent even for the monochrome shoe varieties, is another bold choice that sparks interest and ads a casual vibe to the collection. The results speak for themselves as the intelligently built textures merge and the versatile color palette used manages to challenge our fashion perspectives and tempts us into giving up any style preconceptions we might have.

Although the suede and the abstract, tribal printed combo is the essential element that sets the tone of the collection, other details are just as important for providing edginess and diversity to the styles presented. Shoe lace like straps and zippers add even more interest to the already overwhelmingly varied styles, raising the bar high in terms of originality and style creativity.

Since most of the shoe styles presented are a powerful style statement in and of themselves, paying attention to style balance when putting together an outfit is extremely important to avoid any fashion mishaps that might make us regret our choice. However, by keeping a few simple style rules in mind, spicing up our outfits with the help of any of the shoes presented will become simple and intuitive. Select your favorite pieces and get ready to make a profound impression where you go with these fabulous shoe designs.

Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Wedges Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Wedges Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Wedges Aldo for Julian Louie Spring 2011 Wedges

Photo courtesy of Julian Louie