Alain Quilici is on a major quest: observing, artistically translating and creating something innovative. Inspired by most things surrounding him, but mostly by design, cinema and art, Alain Quilici is at his third shoe collection and he’s not about to stop here. Describing his work as post-grunge, the shoe designer clearly feels the influence of artistic futurism, while the shoes look amazing.

Futuristic heels, incredible fabrics, intense artistic vision and a magnificent design – this is Alain Quilici’s spring 2010 collection. Focusing more on neutral colors, Quilici has designed sculptural, architectural wedges, continuing his kind of shoe visions developed since 2007, the moment he released his first shoe line.

Esthetics can only be matched in his designs with the right materials. In this collection, like in all the others, shoe designer Alain Quilici has focused on calf skin, matte, glazed or tanned, and on impermeable kangaroo leathers. This line of shoes continues an older dialogue between shoes and art, mostly Asian cinema, the artist being able to translate all he sees in an artistic interpretation. Wearing one of Alain Quilici’s shoes makes you one smart, intellectual, trendy and clearly a sexy woman.