Started in 1997 when the company designed 100 pairs of jeans distributed to friends, family and clients, Acne has now expanded to fit all your wardrobe needs.

Acne stands for ‘ambition to create novel expression’ and certainly, in time, they managed to find a new form of expressing fashion and art into clothes and shoes that really were something!

New Fashion Trends 2009 Fall Winter Acne Shoes Collection

Their collections are over-the-top and unbelievable, that’s why many fashion critics and fans couldn’t wait for the new Acne 2009 Fall/Winter shoe collection. It seems that this year Acne managed to create a rather absurd collection, since everybody’s wondering if their shoes are really wearable.

Looks like Acne designer Olivier Theyskens, brought some serious heights for Nina Ricci’s fall collections and turned them into stilts.

Acne Fall 2009 Winter 2010 Shoes

Their whole Acne 2009 Fall/Winter shoe collection seems awkward, since Acne had in mind transparent plastic pants and faux fur vests. But, honestly, when it comes to fashion and criticizing it, how do we know best? A desirable tendency would be that a designer takes fabrics, shapes and curves into the next level, though it all might seem strange and impossible to wear.

Fashion in art in its true sense, so maybe, Acne shoes, together with their clothes, are a statement.

Acne 2009 Fall Winter Shoe Collection

The Acne 2009 Fall Winter shoe collection consists of boots, sneakers, loafers and shoes. Available in navy, black, green and brown the range is vast and is sure to please every fashion lover’s dream.