Comfort is not always the most decisive factor when we want to look feminine and chic. Instead we might embrace a shoe trend that would leave our feet with long-term damages however it indeed adds a few inches to our height and steals some from the curves. Therefore why not sport some of the comfy and at the same time thinning footwear that is both practical as well as voguish and can be easily embedded in various outfit styles. These 4 chic slimming shoe designs would furnish you with loads of inspiration when widening and enriching the selection of your shoe collection. Learn how to use fashion in order to improve your appearance.

Platform Sandals

Platforms were always considered some of the most practical and at the same time comfortable shoe designs on the market. Producers and designers of this footwear managed to take off the pressure from our heels and feet with a revolutionary sole that would provide your body with the proper support to play down the discomfort caused by various heel styles. Trend-setters crowned platform sandals as the must have shoes of the season as well as the last decade.

Include these stylish fashion items into your Boho, business as well as casual chic outfit. Pair them with maxi dresses and stylish skinny pants to lengthen your legs and create the illusion of a way slimmer and perfectly-proportionate figure. Choose them in suede, leather as well as stylish fabrics in woven and cut-out designs in order to try your hand at all the fab style trends of the hot as well as colder season.

Peep-toe Booties

Combine comfort with class by arming up your shoe box with similar chic and dapper peep-toe booties. Designers lined up a rich and versatile parade of these key shoes on the runway that soon landed on the street. More and more ladies decide to sport these stylish and trans-seasonal fashion designs that would leave your feet breathe naturally during the summer and also would protect your feet from humidity during the rainy days.

It’s time to make the most fruitful style investment of the season when it comes of accessories and choose from the vintage, retro-inspired as well as futuristic and more architectural looks. The only condition to rock the look is to choose basic outfit pieces with great care. Stylish shorts, A-list silky pants as well as jumpsuits and even cute summer dresses would look oh-so-fabulous in the same ensemble with a drop-dead gorgeous peep-toe bootie.


Wearable shoe designs are indeed rare when it comes of high class fashion, however it seems that fashion critics still can’t get enough of the benefits and pleasure of sporting wedges. Placing your whole weight on a larger surface as well as maintaining the spotless condition of your heels and feet is one of the chief advantages of wedges.

Due to the supportive as well as comfortable structure of these shoes weveryone even those who have difficulties sporting killer heels will have the chance to perk up their look with these footwear. Summer outfits look stunning when topped with wedges whereas you can keep these stylish accessories also for the colder days pairing it with ankle socks as well as stylish tights. Learn the secret to look visibly thinner and taller as well as feel comfortable in your skin.

Oxford Pumps

Oxford pumps fought their way to the top positions of vintage inspired shoes as these echo the classy style tendencies and refined designing techniques of the past decades. Those who would like to sport their brand new retro-inspired or 60s style outfit will have the privilege to choose from an infinite selection of Oxford pumps in a large color palette as well as various fabrics.

Additional and sophisticated lace-up details as well as bows and fabulous stitching are some of the most valued traits of these shoe styles. Autumn id perfect to explore the pleasure of sporting these pumps therefore don’t forget to have them at hand during the rainy late summer days as well as the colder season. However you can also embrace the look during the summer paired with girlie summer dresses as well as shorts.