Letting your instinct guide you towards the cutest shoes when you’re shopping might lead you to some great finds, but you might also miss out on some essential purchases for any shoe collection. Instead of focusing on a single type of shoe you love, check out a few must-haves that you can’t miss.

From the versatile black pumps to more sporty shoes, find out why the 10 shoes every woman should own can’t be missing from your own wardrobe.

1. Black Pumps

Whether you like pointed toes or feel better with rounded ones, black pumps are a must. They’re an extremely versatile piece, excellent for work and dinner at the same time. 

Black Pumps

Whether you’re wearing separates, a suit or a dress, black pumps are at the top of the list of shoes every woman should own and they’re definitely worth a larger investment than other types of shoes.

2. Nude Heels

Nude Pumps

Making your legs look longer, nude heels can be the perfect fit for both a dress and for jeans. Just like black pumps, nude heels can be just as gorgeous with rounded or pointed toes, but choosing the right shade is very important. When in doubt, go with pinkish nudes instead of yellowish ones, then pair them with any outfit that can transition from day to night.

3. Ankle Boots

Perfect in suede, but just as stunning in other types of leather, ankle boots really shine when they have a sleek design. Get them in black or go for a more daring options, but don’t omit them from your wardrobe since they’re among the shoes every woman should own. Go for a slim heel, not a chunky one and stick to a nude shade if you’re petite.

4. Wooden Platform Sandals

Wooden Platform Sandalssource

Daytime shoes with a touch of evening charm, wooden platform sandals are a versatile type of shoe. If you love platform wedges, they can be just as sexy. Stick to a chunkier heel or go for a high platform, but don’t restrict your color choices. Try them in black and white for an urban cool look or go for colorful embellishments for a more trendy look.

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Chic and perfect for midi length skirts, ballet flats are definitely shoes every woman should own, whether you go for the nude version or for a bright shade to make a statement. Give your feet a rest by passing on the heels from time to time for feminine and stylish ballet flats. Try a two-tone version for a truly chic look.

6. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

Can’t give up heels completely? Kitten heels are the perfect compromise and they give you a bit of height while letting your feet have a rest. If you need even more comfort, short-stacked heels are another great options, but need either one or the other for a complete shoe collection that reflects your taste and style.

7. Party Heels

Glitter Party Shoessource

Whether they’re metallic or bejeweled, you need at least one pair of party heels that makes you glow as soon as you put them on. Go for trendy and statement making heels, since they’re definitely shoes every woman should own. Allow yourself to splurge on one pair that really rocks, but don’t spend all your shoe budget on breathtaking shoes that aren’t really versatile.

Tall Black Bootssource

8. Black Tall Boots

Choose them over-the-knee or riding-style, but don’t miss out on a good pair of black boots. Go for a chunky heel that’s more versatile, instead of a high stiletto. An optional purchase is the all-weather boot, but you should absolutely invest in a pair of black boots that go with plenty of looks. Tuck your jeans in or wear them with a skirt or dress, but don’t pass on the city boot.

Leather Flat Sandals

9. Flat Leather Sandals

A must have for every city girl, flat leather sandals are great in neutral colors, and they’re a summer staple, whether you decide to pair them with a cute dress or ankle jeans. A T-strap will combine comfort with style and flat sandals will give your feet a rest. If you want to make a statement with them, go for patent leather, but simplicity is key.

White Chuckssource

10. Canvas Sneakers

Simple sneakers need to be on the list of shoes every woman should own. Go for an urban cool look with low tops, while still feeling casual and effortless. An optional purchase is the espadrille, but as long as you have a pair of canvas sneaker you love, your shoe collection is complete.

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