If you’re prepared to ride the fashion roller-coaster make sure you embrace some of the key color trends of the upcoming season using these dapper outfit ideas as the best source of inspiration. Together with the color palette it is also highly recommended to take a closer peek at the pants trends that help you emphasize your curvy silhouette.

The Zara TRF New Color Pants Lookbook 2011 will give you the opportunity to pull off an effortlessly stylish and high street look. A hip look without a doubt requires an open-minded attitude towards styling. Therefore, it is your fashionista duty to come up with versatile ideas on how to keep your appearance versed with the newest trends. While some might consider colored pants a real faux pas, it would be still advisable to experiment with them in order to see whether these suit your preferences.

Skim through the rainbow selection of colored skinny jeans and loose pants to see which are your favorite options to make a statement with your genuine and inspiring look. Green, orange, red, yellow and blue are some of the shades to keep an eye on, therefore highlight your refined style sense by wearing them all in a row.

Wow your entourage with a completely revitalized and sight-pleasing apparel. Pair your cute pants with sporty chic tops or stylish blouses that further polish your appearance. Carefree elegance is the buzz phrase when it comes to nailing down the urban sportswear trend. Explore the infinite advantages of similar comfy and faddish outfits by wearing them for the chic events you whish to attend.

The uber-popular fashion brand Zara managed to provide us with the most visionary collections for the upcoming season. The New Color Pants are only additional examples on the supremacy of colorful outfits and style waves in fashion industry. Therefore, if you wish to widen the style limits make sure you combine the different shades fusing them into a breathtaking A-list glamorous outfit.

Fill your closet with these stylish pants designs and create your own casual chic mantra by sporting the coolest skinnies with high heels or oh-so-popular flats of a different color. Color mix/matching never looked so dapper as in the case of the Zara TRF New Color Pants Lookbook 2011. Rely on the visual power of the professionally inspired outfit alternatives and pay special attention to the different tailoring patterns to bring out the most of your silhouette.

Image courtesy of Zara