Knowing what to wear to look fabulous this summer is a must if you wish to be admired by everyone as beauty and style cannot be ignored. Fashion trends change from season to season to allow people to benefit from diversity when it comes to fashion. The new trends this summer are trying to emphasize style and natural beauty, through a variety of stylish outfits which suit most women’s style.

Choosing the right outfit for your body type and personality is a must as only this way one can feel confident in his own skin which will definitely make a difference. Women’s fashion trends for the 2010 spring summer season exude femininity and style, and the fabulous outfits featured in the D&G 2010 Etro 2010

Denim Denim is definitely a must have item as it will never go out of style. Denim seems to be timeless as it never misses from the runway fashion presentations. Jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits all made out of fabulous denim should be found in your wardrobe this summer. There are a variety of denim designs to choose from just so your body type can benefit best from this fashionable fabric.

Vaporous dresses Dresses are definitely a must have of the season as this summer is announcing itself to be one of the hottest. Dresses help enhance femininity and style while still still allowing women to benefit from an enormous amount of comfort. There are a variety of dresses designs to choose from such as maxi dresses, vaporous short dresses, tight fitting dresses, etc. The fabrics that are recommended for this summer are light and vaporous fabrics which allow the skin to breath and feel comfortable.

Kenzo Etro 2010 Gucci 2010 Versace 2010

Skirts Skirts are feminine, comfortable and sexy! If these there reasons are not enough to make you wanna buy skirts; I don’t know what else would. There are so many skirt styles to choose from, made to suit all body types it is amazing. Choose mini skirts, vintage, maxi, ruffled or simple depending on personal style and body type.

Platform sandalsAccessories play a very important role when it comes to style as they can help complete the look of an outfit. Platforms are highly popular this summer and its easy to see why. They can suit all body types and help create a stylish and slimming effect that all women want to receive. Platform sandals can be worn casually as well as formally so choose the style that flatter your legs. Although very high, platform sandals are surprisingly comfortable.

Because the summer season exudes joy and warmth, try to opt for outfits that are colorful. Choosing light colored outfits will help you be in the summer spirit. Photos via