When it comes to choosing the right outfit for a first date you should remember that “less is more”. Avoid too provocative clothes, too much lip gloss or too extravagant accessories. Keep it simple, yet not too simple, and don’t forget to be yourself. Your personality is the best accessory.

Don’t dress too simple You should know that men are very attentive to details that draw their attention. Therefore, try not to dress too simple on a romantic date such as a t-shirt and jeans. Take into consideration the location when choosing the right jeans. However, avoid the too ripped ones.

Don’t reveal too much Sensuality can be a tricky business as men can easily interpret and take you for a woman who is not looking for a relationship. Avoid choosing a too sexy outfit, and go rather for elegance. As every woman has one part of her body that she loves, you should reveal that area that you know it is in your advantage and accentuate it by picking the items that flatter you. Therefore, if you have a beautiful neck and shoulders, choose off the shoulders blouses or sweaters. If you have beautiful legs, dare to show them off.

Don’t overexaggerate with prints A date is not the best moment to try new trends or mixtures. Too graphic prints are not recommended on a romantic date as some men might not have the same sense when it comes to colors and shapes. Choose instead small floral prints or artistic prints such as colors on a white or black background.

Avoid all black Well, it is advisable not to mix prints, but don’t go all black either. Even though black is safe and you cannot go wrong when choosing a black outfit, you should include a bit of color in your outfit such as peach or coral, which can give the impression of a happy and warm person.

Don’t go for an office style You should never choose an office outfit to a romantic date. However, you can adapt a masculine suit that you usually wear at the office. Pick a feminine silk blouse, a blazer, high-heeled shoes and beautiful jewelry. You can also choose a strapless top that can come in contrast with the masculine cut of the pants. If you are more into a feminine look, a pencil skirt can be a very smart option if it is properly accessorized.

Don’t take your most extravagant shoes It is known that most men are totally fascinated by the classic stilettos. Still, you should avoid too high heels when going on a first date. You might feel uncomfortable and this will be visible, and you won’t be able to have a good time. You must feel free to move and maybe dance with him.


If you are rather a romantic person, you can choose a cute blouse with a ribbon at the waist. As for the color, go for a peachy or pale pink one.

For a more elegant outfit choose a simple, classic shirt with a brooch or any other accessory.[/item

Avoid sneakers on a first date, especially if you have more than 20 years old.[/item

If you are petite, avoid skinny jeans and ballet shoes.

Try not to choose colorful tights and very extravagant hats.

Keep your hair clean and natural, and avoid too elaborated and studied hairstyles for your first date.