Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, but when you’re not feeling inspired, you can always pick of a few great ideas from the biggest wedding trends of the year. From the theme of the wedding to food and drink ideas, find out what other brides are doing this year.

Check out the best wedding trends 2015 and decide if they fit in with the concept of your wedding. Whether you’re looking for flower ideas or the perfect venue, check out these bridal trends that are definitely making a big impact this year.

British Inspiration

With “Downtown Abbey” becoming a huge cultural phenomenon, more and more weddings are taking cues from traditional and elegant British events. 

Downton Abbey Inspired WeddingBridal Lace Gown 2015 Trends

Lace is a big part of it, but so are hanging floral centerpieces and dining al fresco. Add a few Victorian touches to your nuptials and you’ll manage to create an elegant look on a budget.

Unique Wedding Venues

Unique Wedding Venues 2015Cave Wedding Venue

One of the best wedding trends in 2015 is throwing the reception at an unexpected venue. Finding the perfect one means you can also cut down on decorating costs. Forget about traditional banquet halls and think outside the box. While a barn or cave wedding isn’t for everyone, look for loft spaces, private estates and even museums for the perfect venue.

Three Dresses

Two Dress Changes At Wedding

While two dresses have become the standard, more and more brides are adding a third one into the mix. After you wedding dress and the reception dress, you can add another look to your big day for the after-party. If you can’t decide on that second dress, just get both. Opt for a shorter cocktail dress to complete your wedding wardrobe.

Rustic Flair

Shabby Chic Wedding Trends 2015Rustic Wedding Trends 2015

While British elegance is big this year, more rustic weddings are also one of the best wedding trends 2015. Think burlap and mason jars, wildflowers and bistro lights. If your venue is already rustic, then adding a chandelier for the perfect setting might be a good idea. Copper chairs are another excellent touch, but don’t expect to save money by going for a rustic feel. It can be as expensive as a more refined wedding theme.


White And Pink Wedding Bouquet Trends

White and pink are the most trendy colors when it comes to flowers. Whether you prefer something simple like garden or spray roses or a more textured flower like hydrangeas or peonies, a soft look is trending this year. Add a little drama to your flower arrangements by using copper vases or even going for a silver or gold look.

Cocktail Receptions

Wedding Cocktail Reception

When it comes to food, the traditional approach seems to be fading away. The cocktail reception is one of the best wedding trends 2015, since it allows your guests to eat whenever they want. If you’re thinking of skipping the formal sit down dinner altogether, you’ll create a more relaxed atmosphere for your wedding reception.

Food Trucks

Food Truck Wedding

If you’re looking for something more radical than just a cocktail party, you’re in luck. Food trucks are quickly becoming a major food trend for weddings, and they can replace the formal dinner altogether. They offer a lot more variety than you’d expect including cupcakes or other desserts, and you can also use them to create an after-party space.

Drink Selections

Drink Selections Wedding Trends 2015

While open bars aren’t going away anytime soon, many couples are tempted to offer a smaller selection of drinks, that perfectly fits the theme of the wedding. From craft beers to wine samplings, the drink selection is one of the best wedding trends in 2015, particularly if it offers your guests something different.

Choreographed Entrances

Choreographed Entrance Wedding Trends 2015

The couple’s entrance to the wedding party is becoming more and more important. Instead of being introduced by an emcee, couples are choosing to opt for choreographed dances and routines that really make their entrance memorable.

Textured Cakes

Ruffled Cakes Wedding Trends 2105

Ruffled cakes are definitely one of the best wedding trends of 2015, even though they’ve been popular in the last couple of years as well. A cake with a gorgeous textures always stands out, but if you want to try something different, you can either opt for “nude” cakes, with very little frosting or for an even more dramatic metallic icing.