Wearing some of the most impressive and stylish prints for the summer season is the golden ticket to the best dressed list. There’s nothing to stay away from as designers encourage the unique and creative projects. Therefore you might launch your own fashion craze by embedding the watercolor prints trends 2010 into your wardrobe. Pull off outfits that would accentuate your best features but would also reflect your complex and sophisticated sense for fashion.

A-list designer’s collections as well as the endless selection of printed clothing and accessories would serve as the best tools to paint your own style reverie. Opt for shades and tones that mirror your mood or brighten up the boring weekdays with your brand new and colorful outfit. Black and White is just one of the infinite options to revive the water color print trend.


As in the case of all prints styles it is important to be guided by a few useful principles. Indeed uniform water color outfits would make an eye-catching impression it is still recommended to breathe life and offer a unique vibe to each clothing piece separately. Blending these pieces into a ‘top-to-toe’ look might play down the fabulous flair of the prints. Instead one of the classy tips is to sport the water color printed t-shirt or tops paired with a neutral colored pants style, skirt or shorts, an option valid also in the case of promoting some of the most stylish jeans and silky pants as well as flattering skirts embellished with this cute prints.

Feel free to move on a wider color palette, indeed art would be boring and not as fascinating as it is without the endless hues and fascinating shades. As fashion demigods mirror there’s nothing more inspiring than to wear on your body some of the most sight-pleasing tones in stylish dresses and other style items. Build your updated wardrobe around these smudged and muted tones or choose more vibrating colors to stand out from the crowd in the blink of an eye.

Donna KaranCynthia RowleyCarlos MieleCynthia Steffe

Pastel tones are combined with some of the vivid hues in order to create a more romantic and at the same time versatile look. Long as well as mini dresses are crowned with the latest water color prints as designers and now also the public has the chance to envision its own conception of the evolution of futuristic fashion with a tint of class. All skin tones and at the same time body types will have the chance to dress up these cutting-edge fashion creations. Complete the look with the additional accessories as cute scarves, bags as well as sunglasses and oh-so-popular printed shoes.

There’s nothing that would stop you from stuffing your wardrobe with these cute water color printed style pieces. Therefore find the best combos and keep in mind the fun of mix/matching if your are brave enough to sport the latest and often edgy trends of the past and present seasons. Play up your best features and choose from the body-conscious or more breezy fabrics and tailoring. It is one of the wise tricks to place the printed spot on the area that should be accentuated as it will definitely grab the attention of your admirers.

Images via ELLE.com