All good things come to an end, summer is no exception. Soon the thicker and warmer clothes replace the breezy dresses and swimsuits. The best way to be prepared for the next season is to re-organize your wardrobe. The thing that will no longer be sported should go, offering space to the new acquisitions. It is however soothing to hear that there’s no need for another shopping spree to renew our outfits.

There are so many wise tricks that can help us look just as stylish as all throughout the hot season. It is worth raiding our closet to find the pieces that are multi-functional and can be embedded into our autumn style. These might create the right transition between the two seasons. One of the buzzwords for the great project is layering, this is the key to keep and re-invent summer clothes and accessories.

Vanessa Hudgens Sweater Rihanna Sweater

Sweaters and Blazers

Light knit sweaters are useful accessories especially on breezy days. Use them as stylish cover-ups. It’s time to devote more time to the matching of colors and patterns. Make sure that the clothes flashed from underneath are perfectly blending into the fall outfit. Put on tank tops or nice shirts matched with funky jeans and a nice pair of boots.

Blazers must be the hip piece of your wardrobe. Opt either for masculine designs or more sophisticated ones with fine and feminine lines. Ideally pair them with summer staples that can glitter underneath this cover-up. Wear blazers according to the latest trends, make it tuxedo or the classy loose ones, the key in both cases is to match it with your base clothes.

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Sure you were looking forward to adopt the latest trends in accessories. Scarves are top notch elements of the fall season. There’s no need to ditch out your summer scarf collection, all you have to do is pair these with your autumn outfit. Make sure that you choose the right pattern for every occasion .

Copycat the style secrets of scarf addict celebrities who already illustrated the importance of this detail. Plain tops matched with a colorful scarf will do miracles with your look. You’ll be able to either dress down or up your appearance with a refined style.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are all time favorite pieces of every season. Sported just as fabulously during the summer as during colder days. There’s no need to stick to jeans or pants when wearing them the latest trends offer you endless possibilities to wear leather jackets. Perfect to jazz up a summer dress, be it maxi or mini. It is the ideal accessory to guarantee the voguish transition from one season to another.

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There’s no need to wave goodbye to your summer dresses. Not, yet since tights are the ultimate life belt to embed the breezy pieces into the fall wardrobe. Each season comes up with a whole new trend of tights, make sure that you try all of them. Then decide which are the tendencies that match your personal style.

Opaque tights are the absolute winner of the season. Besides bringing out the best of your legs, those will also makeover your outfit from dull to high brow. Adopt the trend by sporting tights with summer dresses or classy shirt dresses. Whether you go for the Preppy or the more elegant, diva style the point is to flash your fashion-forwardness. Spare yourself from the autumn fuss and purchase edgy knee-high and ultra-fab ankle-length boots to create the illusion of long and slender legs.