Every college girl wants to look trendy but also wants her clothes to match every occasion. College life is a great experience, it is a lot of fun and also the time when you have to experience what real life means. Therefore, your clothes have to be suitable for different casual and formal events also. The most important thing for your new wardrobe is to choose clothes that can be matched with each other and can be combined in many ways to create stylish outifts. Let’s see what are these basic clothing items for a college girl’s wardrobe.

Jeans A few pairs of jeans are essential in every college girl’s wardrobe. They are confy and perfect casual wear items. Find a few pairs that fit you well and choose denims in different styles, colors and washes. Go for classic cut jeans also, because the latest trend items can quickly go out of fashion. You can opt for skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, straight-cut or high-waist jeans. This way you can easily alternate them during the week to create a different look every day.

Cardigans Cardigans are undoubtedly the trendiest items this year. Due to their versatility you can easily match them to evertyhing from jeans to dresses. Choose some basic cardigans in different styles and colors that are of washable materials. For a trendy and stylish look, you can easily layer them over different tops. You can opt for chic long cardigans also, but make sure that you have a decent black in your college wardrobe and at least one of your favourite colours.

Classic Dress A classic cut dress is an indispensable item in every girl’s closet. It is a great choice for special occasions, formal events or romantic dates. It is an amazing wardrobe item, because you have a complete outfit in one single piece. This dress doesn’t necessarily have to be an LBD. For a chic and sophisticated look, choose one that fits you well and a colour that you feel comfortable in.

Spring/Fall Coat Spring/fall coats are one of the most practical and most highly used pieces of clothes from a college girl’s wardrobe. These are very versatile and fashionable items that can be used in both of these two seasons. Spring/fall coats can also be elegant and casual at the same time, depending on their style. Cut is a very important feature in the case of these coats. Opt for one that matches your wardrobe and fits you well.

White Shirt White shirts are eternal style staples. This classic item is now chicer than ever. White shirts are crisp and feminine at the same time, being the most appropriate clothing items for job interviews and other formal occasions. A great choice would be to look for a white shirt made of a delicate and a little strechy material that suits you well.

Casual Flats When you are in college, having one or two pairs of casual flats is a must. Ballet flats are trendy, comfy, feminine and match with nearly everything from jeans and shorts to skirts. These shoes are aboslutely necessary for fall and spring. A great choice would be to choose one in a chic and funky color or pattern, and another pair in brown or black color that can be worn with any outfit.