Fashion trends change every year and it seems that this is a positive thing as it helps people obtain a fabulous look without entering a routine. It seems that this 2010 summer season variety dominates the fashion scene, and one of the most powerful fashion styles this year is the vintage fashion style.

Fashion designers find their sources of inspiration in different things and vintage styles seems to be one of the most important ones. Adding a little bit of modernism to a vintage style can help give an amazing result, a powerful look suitable for women with a strong personality and who love underlining their individuality through their clothes. Vintage styles are amazing this is why they never loose their elegance and fabulousness, making them timeless sources of inspiration.

Designers try to put their print over their designs while maintaining the influences of their muse. It is absolutely amazing to observe the creativity of a person and the fabulous results of the hard work deposited. Some of the most amazing influences of vintage fashion styles can be seen on the runway podiums this summer and the definite must haves vintage items are:

Isaac Mizrahi 2010 Isaac Mizrahi 2010

Floaty chiffon dresses and skirts were very popular back in the days when women tried to underline their forms while still maintaining an elegant and appropriate look. The modern version of these skirts look amazing and allow women to enhance their sex- appeal while still maintaining an elegant feel to the look.

Draped skirts or skirts with fabulous cuts which allow the fabric to move gently around the body are great not only for the amazing style they help create but for the comfort they help bring, as the floaty, soft fabrics help maintain a cooler body temperature.

Chanel 2010 Chanel 2010

Classic cut suits are absolutely amazing and can allow you to attract an enormous amount of attention at any formal event as they are classic but filled with style. Suits are definitely an important fashion item especially for women who must attend formal events more often. Vintage style suits show that being formal doesn’t mean loosing your style and femininity, so don’t hesitate to choose a vintage style suit that suits your personality best.

Hussein Chalayan 2010 Sonia Rykiel 2010

Pencil cut skirts and dresses are absolutely amazing as they underline the gorgeous feminine forms of your body. This type of fabulously cut outfits are absolutely adorable and exude elegance and sensuality as the fabrics are cut in such a manner to underline best the lines of the body. This type of outfits are perfect for women who want to accentuate their curves and still maintain an elegant and appropriate look. Choose a slightly under the knee cut for a fabulously stylish look.

Vintage style accessories are also hot so turn towards fabulous pumps or platforms, brim hats, boxy shaped bangs and hair accessories to complete your stylish vintage look. Photos via