In 2004 to the pleasure of the young and active girls Victoria’s Secret launched the PINK collection line which features sportswear fashion items decorated with colorful and versatile designs. This time the company announced a fabulous collaboration with the National Football League for a a complete sportswear line that includes t-shirts, hoodies as well as pants that promote the world-wide known logos of the most admired and prominent teams from the US. The list of brands include that of :Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots,Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins,Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers as well as the New York Giants. Take advantage of these comfy outfits and impress your football fan friends or boyfriend with a complete ensemble inspired by his favorite football team.

In the midst of the football season you might be eager to sport the most comfiest and stylish sportswear that would leave you and also your boyfriend with a memorable experience. Wear the sporty still feminine and dainty tees as well as the stylish hoodies that would keep you chic and warm all throughout the season. Besides the basic clothing items take a closer look at the stylish and classy lingerie also decorated with the signature logos and name of the various teams. Victoria’s Secret teamed up with NFL in order to offer a similar pleasure to football fan girlfriends as well as sports admirer ladies the chance to watch the fascinating game wearing a voguish and practical gear.

Choose the team that stands the closest to your heart and make sure you keep up with the support also when it comes of your gear. Wear the stylish body-con t-shirts or the cute hoodies as well as sweat pants and pair them with your faddish sneakers and sports shoes. Use your creativity to embed the stylish sweat shirts and pants popularizing the logo of your football team. Make these events a real ceremony and learn the basics of ballgame outfits by choosing the most flattering t-shirts as well as outerwear designs available at the Victoria’s Secret stores and also online.

The Victoria’s Secret company indeed provided college girls with the most stylish gear and this time decided to make the collection even more personalized. The unique and revealing colors as well as the trademark prints and patterns all contribute to the creating of the perfect atmosphere for a fascinating ball game. The most famous models will line up a multitude of outfit ideas that would definitely inspire you. In spite of the name this time Victoria’s Secret expands the color use to the hues that are iconic for these football teams. Pink is suppressed and more masculine shades are set into the spotlight which offers the perfect chance for girls to adopt a more sporty chic attitude leaving behind the kitten look.

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