Wave a flash of color to banish the monotonous vibe of your winter time wardrobe. In order to kiss goodbye to gloomy and dull outfits, all you have to do is adopt some of the runway-inspired looks. This beloved and mass-merizing fashion brand will provide you with the most revolutionary tricks on how to widen your outfit alternatives.

The Urban Outfitters Spring 2011 Lookbook is here to open you eyes to the infinite opportunities to upgrade your clothing style to the latest tendencies. No doubt, attitude and courage are some of the catchphrases this season. If you have all that it takes to become a real trailblazer, make sure you know how to add a signature and immediate attention grabbing twist to your apparel. Use these chic ideas to pull off a chic style ensemble that speaks for your fashion sense and accessorizing talent.

It’s no secret that Urban Outfitters is a one-of-a-kind style brand that targets the fashion pack. Those style bunnies who are eager to indulge themselves into a chic style adventure will have the privilege to draw some inspiration from these marvelous and high street looks. Dresses drenched in vibrant shades and decorated with various hot prints as polka dots, abstarct patterns and floral designs, will definitely offer the best motivation to stand out from the crowd. Cardigans and chic trench coats are the ‘piece de resistance’ this season. Have them at hand when eager to finish up your styling projects with a dapper cover-up for all weather conditions.

Mix/match the various fabric and key clothing items and fuse them into a high class outfit. Stylish shorts, skirts paired with silky blouses and Rock chic-style t-shirts will allow you to live out your wildest fantasies. Real fashionistas know how to add glam shock to their wardrobe. Learn from the best and copycat some of the most spectacular looks from the Urban Outfitters Spring 2011 Lookbook. As an act of style rebellions, make sure you break with the old time favorite styling ideas and explore your own perspective of contemporary street and casual chic. The socks and sandals as well as platform shoe trends take center stage this spring. Embrace these fashion waves to keep your entourage and fashionista wannabes under your spell.

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters