Lining up the greatest style innovation of the recent years, trendsetters have come up with a provocative, still very soft and feminine approach to the latest urban fashion. Lingerie inspired trends will definitely attract the attention of self-conscious fashionistas.

If you are less daring and want to show off less skin you don’t have to be afraid of sporting such a chic and extremely trendy clothing item. Layering is an original and highly creative way to wear these seductive statement pieces, still feeling confident as you are staying on the moderate side.

As opposed to the slouchy “boyfriend style”, underwear as outerwear fashion trends put a strong emphasis on sophisticated, feminine looks. Fashion designers have found an original way to expose those wonderful soft fabrics and marvelous underwear items that women generally hide under clothes.

Soft hues, delicate shapes and sleek textures highlight sophisticated features rather than hinting only at sensuality. Silk camisoles, lace corsets, colorful bras and structured, vintage designs are all part of this boudoir-inspired wonderful clothing line that will nicely embrace your silhouette and enhance your beauty.

There are some basic principles that good to keep in mind when you want to pull off such an extravagant, still classy and sexy outfit. If you want to achieve a chic and elegant look, get inspired by the major fashion houses, which presented an alignment of layered combinations and hide-and-seek outfits on the catwalks this spring.

Nude tones, trendy prints and colorful, prominent details are all characteristic to these breathtaking clothing items. Latest trends feature vintage inspired pin-up styles that add excitement and extra attitude to your outfits.

If you don’t want to experiment with edgier, brazen outfits, you can try out a fresh, romantic combination of underwear as outerwear style. Live out your creativity and match neutral or blush-toned pieces with chic stockings in order to create a sophisticated, classy outfit that you will adore wearing.

If your aim is to look elegant and polished, keep your lingerie-inspired look simple, avoiding to expose too much skin. Create a stunning appearance by accesorizing with delicate pearls and complete your look with trendy handbags and shoes.