With the spring being just around the corner, most fashion houses got ready for the event and already introduced their new lines for the upcoming season.

Topshop has come up with a brilliant collection, incredibly fresh and young, mixing various fabrics and cuts into a circular, complete collection which definitely will become one of our favorite things to wear this spring.

Mixing gray outfits with lots of patterns and prints was Topshop’s philosophy for the spring season of 2010, and it did it in a well balanced manner, so all of us could really find something to fit our tastes and preferences.

The collection includes everything, from t-shirts to shoes, most being characterized by the surf culture the brand took its inspiration from.

Topshop’s highlights in the spring 2010 collection are the cropped tops, perfectly matched with the Hawaiian shorts, made of silk and decorated with lots of prints. Another fresh ingredient added to the collection are the bustier tops, which, combined to denim pants and a kaki jacket, really look great.

So, if you’re thinking about changing something about your wardrobe, make sure to visit one of Topshop’s stores, you won’t be disappointed and it’s most likely you’ll find something to match your tastes!

Photos via nymag.com.