After highlighting the main fashion trends of the season with the spring 2011 lookbook, the Topshop brand has taken a step forward and decided to provide a few equally stylish, yet more glamorous style alternatives in the latest Dress Up lookbook. Although a little less generous in terms of color palette than the spring summer collection, the latest lookbook compensates with several other interesting details.

Leaving bold, eye-catching colors and conspicuous, wild prints aside, the latest lookbook from the brand helps us rediscover the femininity and stylish elegance pale hues can easily provide. From pristine nude hues to pale yellow and pink tones, you’ll find several variations that might interest you. Those who are more interested in the endless versatility and the slimming effect that black can provide will also have plenty of choices worth analyzing as it is also used extensively through the collection. Metallic gold and silver touches also enhance the complexity of the collection by providing a slightly more festive touch to it.

Femininity, romance and sexiness are the main attributes that can be assigned to the looks presented. Tight fitting and somewhat sporty or classy and feminine, the looks presented have one thing in common: they are all accessorized with black leggings. Legging fans will surely be pleased to hear that leggings continue to be popular this season, being the perfect fashionable solution for colder rainy spring or summer days. Providing a much needed contrast or simply adding harmony and continuity to the styles presented, leggings are one of the most important accessories in the collection.

In terms of the mainstream fashion trends that are cleverly highlighted throughout the collection, ruffles are perhaps the most notable style influence. Adding volume and interest by creating a delicate romantic texture, ruffles can help to create sexy curves in all the right places. However, if incorrectly chosen, ruffles can add volume unnecessarily, being potentially unflattering. Choose the designs carefully in order to make sure that you look your best in each and every circumstance.

Despite the fact that accessories are kept at a minimum, the outfits presented are surprisingly complex. The interesting textures and the clever color combos manage to impress immediately, making elegance seem effortless. With the multitude of choices available, the chances of finding a flattering option are fairly high. Simple and chic or classy and glamorous, the dresses are fairly versatile being a good investment for the season.

Photo courtesy of Topshop