Various professions require different attires, therefore office chic various from one career domain to the other. However the golden rules of office chic were set earlier on and are updated by great designers and stylists who manage to keep the basic principles of similar apparels in the limits of good taste. Undoubtedly the main trends that pop up in street chic might not be the best options to emphasize our attitude towards work and business. Those who are eager to flaunt their unique approach to fashion might still include some minor details as accessories and basic clothing pieces that can be embedded into a fashionable and event-appropriate attire. In order to find out whether our office apparels suit the main principles of created by specialists it is important to read through the top work fashion don’ts.

Killer Heels

Though the trend dominates the streets as well as the red carpet it would be wise to avoid it when working. The office attire should not attract immediate attention as it can ruin your reputation. Instead make an impression with your refined taste and choice of clothes and matching accessories.

Those who are fond of skinny jeans as well as wide-legged pants should instead opt for pumps or flats as these are both comfortable and would create the desired effect.

It’s not a must to wear suits or a formal attire instead embed in your look some of your trademark style tendencies with with mastery and class. These shoes might be perfect to create a stage outfit rather than one that can be mastered at work. Also it is highly recommended to stay away of the complex combination of various neon tones and sassy details as chains and gemstones.

Fishnet Hosiery

One of the most controversial fashion items of all times, fishnet hosiery managed to be one of the trademark details of a Burlesque apparel. As office chic might not be totally compatible with this perspective make sure you skip them when composing the best look for the next working day.

Sporting some elegant dresses and skirts with opaque stockings or leggings might still be one of the top options. Leave the foxy trends at home in order to preserve your spotless reputation and attitude in front of your employers. Ambiguous fashion accessories as these would mean taking a too huge risk.

Make sure you don’t embarrass yourself and also your employer with the apparel your sport. Polish your appearance with the classy still chic pieces that can be embraced regardless of the season.

Flip Flops

The summer screams for more relaxed and breezy outfits as well as shoes. However it seems that some might ease their working hours wearing flip flops. This is indeed one of the most severe faux pas that can be made when adopting a summer office outfit. Though you’ll find various stylish and decorated pieces this is not a sufficient excuse to wear them.

The different cute blouses as well as breezy pants are not included in the no-no list, instead pair them with peep-toe shoes or voguish sandals that are still acceptable and won’t dress down your appearance. Don’t expose your feet even it might sound pretty healthy, there’s nothing more embarrassing than strolling with your flip-flops in the office hours.

Mini Skirts

You might earn the gaze of male colleagues, however your boss might not be just as happy as you think. Mini skirts are part of the must have casual trends as these can emphasize the slim and long legs. However it seems that these should be ditched out of the office wardrobe as similar style items could give your more headaches than respect.

Keep the length of the skirts and dresses on a moderate level, make them flattering and decent at the same time. There’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to pick something up from the floor and having to kneel down in order not to attract the attention of colleagues.

Instead rely on your intuition as well as fashion knowledge and pair the right apparel with the various activities and events. Don’t let various fashion items that are though uber-popular and trendy for casual wear overshadow your professional skills or attitude. Be aware of the main principles of office fashion regardless of working in the fashion industry or any other company. Complete your chic wardrobe with some of the must have office chic fashion accessories and basic clothing.