As always, each year the American company, the Pantone, defines the color of the given year and season. We all remember the year 2012 was invaded with the Tangerine Tango, a color which was seen on many clothing, and a leading piece was the Tangerine colored blazer and was famous mostly among young women.

At the end of last year Pantone announced the spring 2013 color trends with the future leading color for the year 2013, and that is Emerald. Before even knowing the announcement, for spring 2013 many designers had passed their creations on the catwalks in this color, defining in some way the runway trends in 2013. But, since the color scale is always large, in this case we are talking about different shades of emerald, which includes colors from the same palette, like the Monaco-blue and shades between blue and emerald.

Emerald - Top Runway Trends for Spring 2013

Maxi dresses make a glorious comeback for spring 2013, as we can see the designs of Alberta Feretti, Zac Posen or Gucci. And how you can wear the emerald next year? Combine emerald colored shorts with a navy top and jacket as seen at Michael Kors; the overall impression will be sophisticated and tasteful. Also, any emerald-green piece of clothing can be combined, according to the season. Since it is about the spring/summer 2013 fashion, pairing it with any earth color, like brown, grey or more brighter colors like the purple, navy are great choices. What to choose? The blazer is practical, as well as the short sleeved blouse for spring and summer and emerald flat shoes for footwear.

Maxi Dresses - Top Runway Trends for Spring 2013

The spring 2013 season holds many fashion trends, and any warm season has its own trends in dresses, skirts. For on-trend options count on belted dresses, which can vary from the midi to the above knee ones. Trend forecasts have said that next spring and summer the leading patterns will be the feminine floral ones. Designers who had expressed their designs in this style for spring/summer 2013 fashion include Antonio Marras, Erdem. The floral patterns greet back not only on the romantic dresses, but we will find pants and trousers with the same patterns. Floral patterned pants were in vogue last year too, so that’s great to have something familiar.

Floral Prints - Top Runway Trends for Spring 2013

For sure everyone remembers the peter pan collars which were all around on dresses, tops and blouses in the past years. These classic collars add a certain sophistication to the given clothing piece. Slowly the classic blouses and collarless shirts made their appearance on the runways and it seems like these will lead the fashion trends this spring 2013. Why collarless blouses? Because these blouses are simple, chic, and one can find them in many colors beginning from pastels to darker ones. The other advantage of these shirts is that the’re flank, perfectly fitting for the spring and summer seasons. Also, collarless shirts offer great versatility, as you can easily pair them with any cut of trousers and skirts. From this point of view, the collarless blouses are simply elegant and relevant to the current trends.

Collarless Shirts and Peter Pan Collars Spring 2013 Trends

Showing bare midriff was a ’90s sensation and there was no one among young women who didn’t have at least one midriff top. Now, approximately one year ago, this trend came back into the fashion world but in a more sophisticated way: the midriff top is combined with a high-waist skirt, shorts or pants. The bare midriff trend will stay in perspective in the following seasons with many creative designs, like the classic ones as Jill Stuart with a black pencil skirt and a sheer top, or Timo Weiland who dared to combine the maxi skirt with the midriff top and it looks great.

Bare Midriffs - Top Runway Trends for Spring/ Summer 2013

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