Haute couture doesn’t follow trends or standard sizes, it doesn’t take in count the audience and fans, because through haute couture, fashion designers bring life into their wildest and purest dreams that seem to embrace art with fashion together and the entire head-to-toe show and runway is just the road to success where the work of many months is presented into a few minutes, yet their desire is just to complete perfectly those minutes.

In the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season, haute couture collections came differently from designer to designer, if some have taken their imagination into undiscovered fields through eccentric avant-garde creations, others brought simplicity and classiness to inspire them, or some theatrical fancy dresses and suits, in the end they all lead to the same common point, to release a flawless collection that will develop their style and themselves into an evolution in fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier/Style.comGivenchy/Style.comAlexis Mabille/Style.comElie Saab/Style.com

5. Jean Paul Gaultier

Only when we think about the name Jean Paul Gaultier we say couture even if it’s ready-to-wear because that’s how he makes every single collection, unique and special. But when we do talk about his haute couture collections all we see is touring through history, countries, the entire world wrapped into clothing wear, yet this time he brings up theatrical goth looks that stand out through magnificient details which embrace every single image on the runway. Glitter, gold, sheer, fur and fringes show mystery and elegance through revealing outfits.

4. Alexis Mabille

He may be one of the youngest couture fashion designers, but he sure stands up to that title. With energy and attitude, Alexis Mabille presents his perspective about fashion through haute couture wear that combines perfectly vintage influences with modern structural shapes along with expressive details and beautiful feminine shapes.

Jean Paul Gaultier/Style.comJean Paul Gaultier/Style.comAlexis Mabille/Style.comAlexis Mabille/Style.com

3. Elie Saab

One designer that fucuses mostly on our modern times, not the future, not the past, yet still brings a refreshing style from them, is Elie Saab. With outstanding unique pieces, fluid elegant textile materials, glamorous gowns, stunning bold colors and feminine head-to-toe appearances, this fashion designers shows through haute couture the beauty of women and everything that ladies expresses through their sense of style. Nothing beats his ability of completing women’s wishes and desires from fashion and clothes.

2. Christian Dior

“It’s Dior, it’s couture.” should probably be the motto for this label, because everything about it drives us straight to haute couture and especially their collections, where it’s not even about women or about clothes, it’s about choosing art over fashion and creating spectacular shocking looks through clothes, make-up and hairstyles, which John Galliano has managed to complete once again with his unlimited imagination and insane creativity.

Christian Dior/Style.comChristian Dior/Style.comElie Saab/Style.comElie Saab/Style.com

1. Givenchy

In the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season, there’s nothing that can beat Givenchy’s haute couture collection where an evolution in art and fashion is spotted through the theme chosen, materials, colors and entire appearances. Ricardo Tisci used his own signature marks on this label, degrade, fringe and lace, which capture mystery, classiness, elegance and glamour into imperial vintage inspired looks. Theatrical and dramatic, this collection goes straight to the top with flawless feminine beautiful outfits.