Fashion and style plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style, so paying attention to the new trends in fashion is a must if you wish to be admired for your incredible fashion style.

There is a variety of new styles present on the spring/summer 2011 runways and this allows you to be diverse with your style. Because choosing right is not always easy we have put together a top 10 of fashion collections for spring/summer 2011 to inspire yourself from and select the style which suits you best so the spring summer 2011 season doesn’t catch you off-guard!

It seems Lanvin managed to capture the essence of femininity through the use of vaporous yet opaque fabrics which allow plenty of gorgeous body movement. This spring/summer 2011 fashion collection has an urban-chic yet glamorous style which we just find amazing!<br />One shoulder dresses are hot and popular this season so don't hesitate to purchase one similar to this lovely Lanvin red one shoulder dress!style.comBalmain has managed to raise up to the expectations as the new spring 2011 fashion collection is absolutely spectacular. A casual, uber-chic fashion collection has been revealed and everyone loved it. Casual yet stylish are two characteristics which can boost a fashion collection to the top and Balmain definitely has both!style.comChristian Dior's fashion creations have always been about femininity and this could not be more obvious than by looking at the amazing spring/summer 2011 fashion collection signed Christian Dior. The designs are amazing, vaporous fabrics underline the sensual style of the collection and the colors blend right in fabulously. This fashion collection is perfect for women who embrace their femininity!style.comEmilio Pucci created a fabulous fashion collection which exudes sexiness and style. The Mediterranean style which seems to dominate the collection only helps underline the sexiness of the designs so no wonder this collection has easily climbed to the top!<br />Fabulous vaporous dresses, ruffles and Spanish influenced suits are only a few of the fashion outfits which attract positive created one fabulous and diverse fashion collection which featured colorful as well as classic colors such as black or beige. The outfits radiated glamor chicness and we loved and enjoyed every single detail of the collection from the fabulous cocktail dresses to the colorful chic suits!style.comThe fashion collection of late Alexander McQueen has been taken over by his assistant for more than a decade Sarah Burton, and everyone wanted to see is she could reach up to the expectations. Well, it seems that she has; she managed not only to maintain the trademark details of McQueen but added a bit of her own feminine style to the collection. The result: pure fabulousness!style.comIt seems that vintage styles are making a comeback and we couldn't love this more! Vintage fashion styles have always posed as great muses for fashion designers and it seems that this is exactly what inspired Marc Jacobs. Fabulous vintage style dresses, skirts and trenches can definitely boost your fashion style!style.comIt seems that Proenza Schouler has adopted a more simpler, more polished fashion style this spring summer 2011 season compared to the previous one and we couldn't love this more. The simple yet stylish outfits featured on the runway look amazing and can most definitely give you a ladylike style! style.comIt seems that choosing a well balanced outfit will always be a great and simple choice to make and this is exactly what Jason Wu managed to bring with his collection. Well tailored, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses can offer the body a great posture and a great amount of style so no wonder this collection receives positive reactions!style.comIt seems that Karl Lagerfeld has decided for a very romantic fashion collection for Fendi and this is highly visible due to the colors, materials and designs. The collection had a very summery, Saint Tropez feel attached and this is wonderful as it comes as a breath of fresh air after the cold season!