The denim collection envisioned for the warm season was inspired by the world presented by John Hughes as one of the greatest movie icons of the 80s making a smashing debit with the cult blockbuster ‘The Breakfast Club’. The relaxed and uber-cool looks presented below are perfect for casual occasions as well as school. Therefore those who were lusting after a brand new line of jeans and denim shirts will have the privilege to take a peek into the wide array of outfit ideas popularized by the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 Denim Lookbook.

You’ll find here stylish mini skirts, shorts as well as cute jeans as the must have style pieces of the upcoming months. Use a more open-minded perspective in order to pull off a similar statement outfit and rely on the ingenuity of this lookbook that definitely furnishes you with a few life-saving ideas.

Preppy kids are lined up with their signature outfits in this stylish Lookbook. The ever evolving style fantasy of Tommy Hilfiger this time targets the fans of the soft and ageless textures as well as more unisex tailoring patterns. Girls are dressed up with chic loose shirts and cute shorts that are far from being skin-tight and too sexy. Instead these radiate a more practical and androgynous perspective towards fashion. Embedding the stylish denim shirts and cute jackets as well as suspenders into dainty wardrobe will prove to be the first step towards a more universal and alternative look.

However fans of girly prints and patterns should not skip this lookbook either as they’ll have the opportunity to choose from the feminine printed and colorful dresses. These stylish fashion items are perfect to fight the heat and feel comfortable in our breezy outfit. Go for the cute ensembles that encourage you to experiment with the different mix/matching style alternatives. Combine the different shades and prints in order to pull off a surprising apparel idea and achieve the desired drop-dead-gorgeous impact on your friends and admirers.

Floral prints add a vibrant and urbane chic vibe to your wardrobe therefore have them at hand when eager to stand out from the crowd and make a stylish impression with your blooming season appearance. Check out the various cool outfit ideas both for girls and boys offered by the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 Lookbook and make sure you pierce the versatile denim wash designs into your plain wardrobe. Choose the best designs that suit your personality and revolutionize your clothing style if it needs a few touch ups.

Image courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger