It seems Tom Ford has resumed his work as far as women’s fashion goes after a pause of about 6 years, and we couldn’t be more glad. Tom Ford is definitely a fashion designer who loves to underline seductiveness and this can definitely be seen in the Tom Ford spring 2011 womenswear collection sneak peek photos. The photos which are featured in the Vogue December 2010 issue will allow you to enjoy the collection right before it hits the stores.

The launch of the collection seems to have been quite intimate, only about 100 guests of Tom Ford participating at the launch It seems that Mr. Ford’s decision to maintain the future collections exclusive for the magazine editors eyes only, no photographers allowed, has caused a bit of a stir among fashion lovers.

Tom Ford womens collection preview Tom Ford womenswear collection preview

Tom Ford’s spring 2011 womenswear collection seems to take a different turn from what we are used to seeing. The clothes exude sexiness and an incredible amount of style and glamor, a certain vintage style glamor which we adore. Tom Ford seems to have planned a collection which is perfect for women who love being fashionable, fashion items which can be worn for more than just a few seasons in a row. This is truly exquisite so we can’t wait to see more of the collection.

Gorgeous suits, lovely simple yet seductive dresses, silk vaporous blouses, flared pants, pencil skirts, animal prints, sheer blouses and lace stockings are only a few of the fabulous fashion items which have enchanted the eyes of the people present at the fashion presentation.

It seems that the presentation itself was quite unique; internationally known fashion models but musicians and other women who are involved in one way or another in fashion have presented the incredibly stylish clothes.

Tom Ford Spring 2011 womens preview

Tom Ford wanted powerful women of different ages to wear his designs so he asked Mrs: Beyonce Knowles, Julianne Moore, Lauren Hutton, Karlie Kloss and many more other powerful women to wear his stylish women’s fashion designs for the spring 2011 season.

Fashion is all about wearing clothes which look fabulous and only high quality clothes can manage to exude that luxurious style everyone wishes to obtain. It appears that Mr. Ford wants to be a high-end brand like Armani and Chanel. Two high class world renowned fashion houses, and we hope he reaches that goal as he is clearly on the right path. Classical, timeless and incredibly feminine designs will always be appreciated and this is the path he is currently following for the new womenswear collection for spring 2011.

Tom Ford Spring 2011 Womens

Photos © Vogue US December 2010 by Steven Meisel via