There’s no doubt that choosing to wear a backless gown requires a decent amount of self-confidence as well as a positive body image before anything else. However before deciding to wear a backless gown, a honest evaluation should always take place. First of all in order to look good in a backless gown your entire body must be toned and well proportionate.

If you notice some love handles you have two options: you can either choose a less revealing model or if you are truly determined to wear this type of dress you start taking all the necessary measures designed to fix the problems. The way your body looks will determine what type of cut, fabric or dress style you need. For example if you have broad shoulders a halter style dress is more appropriate than a shoulder style dress. Better yet an A-line dress will help balance your figure as well as hiding flaws of the lower body.

Also, because your skin will be totally exposed you should make sure that no imperfection will ruin your look. Any blemishes, pimples or other skin problems must disappear to be able to look your best. If you have problems with back acne consider using a cream that contains salicylic acid to reduce it. An intensive care routine should take place a few weeks prior to the important event where you plan to wear the dress.

Your main focus should be treating all the skin problems that hinder your beauty, making sure that your skin is well moisturized and, if have tan lines to make sure that you cover them by applying a self-tanner to even out the skin tone. On the day of the event exfoliate your skin and consider applying a body lotion with a little glitter in it before putting on the dress in order to ensure that the skin looks radiant.

Your bra is a crucial element for this type of dress because can change the way the dress looks entirely. Of course, not wearing a bra is an option for this type of dress, however chances are that your cleavage will not be well represented if you choose this alternative.

If the gown doesn’t have support for the breasts your only option is to purchase a bra that is designed to be worn with backless dresses. The price ranges and the models vary accordingly so you will surely find one that compliments you and that budget wise as well. Bras with sheer straps are another comfortable option however they tend to be very noticeable despite their transparency.

When wearing a backless gown the accessories should be kept discrete because the dress will be the main focus of attention and wearing dramatic pieces when it comes to accessories will most likely seem like an overkill. A nice pair of dangling earrings and a clutch bag will be enough to complete your look in a stylish manner.

When it comes to your makeup the same rule applies. This doesn’t mean however that you downplay your facial features, especially when it comes to the evening makeup. On the contrary, your best features should be emphasized with colors that compliment your skin tones without being very dark and dramatic. During the day you should opt for a light, natural makeup style especially during the summer.