For spring/summer 2010, high-heeled sandals are still trendy, but they come with different platforms in order to gain extra height. But we shouldn’t forget that if we want to look good, we have to feel good too. For those of you who prefer to be comfortable, flat sandals are the best option.

Flat sandals

When buying a pair of flat sandals make sure that they aren’t only fashionable, but they have enough support for you to feel comfortable wearing them.

Flat sandals have been specially created for our comfort and are the best choice for a casual, laid-back outfit. Wear them especially during the day and mix them with a nice dress, a skirt or with shorts. Dare and wear them with flashy accessories, such as big rings or long necklaces. If your sandals are already accessorized enhance their beauty by choosing a beautiful taupe satin dress.

Even if it might seem that flat sandals can not be sexy and stylish, you can prove the contrary by accessorizing them with extremely delicate and elegant silk or lace dresses. Try pairing your flat sandals with a sweet floral dress or with shorts and a beautiful tunic or a loose peasant blouse, and the result it will be simply hot. You can also match flat sandals with feminine tops and comfy jeans for an urban must-have look.

A long, breezy dress is the perfect option for a party, but also for a casual, everyday look. Match it with an oversized bag and flat sandals, and choose wide wooden bracelets.

For a more laid-back look, your flat sandals work great with wide-legged summer pants and a comfortable, simple tee or a loose shirt.

High-heeled sandals

High-heeled sandals are a versatile and stylish choice for summer as they reveal and enhance the beauty of a woman’s legs. They can be worn both for a daytime look and for a night out with your friends. Before buying a pair of high-heeled sandals, you should first find out what type of heel offers you enough comfort and in the same time flatters your figure.

Your capris will look amazing with a pair of high-heeled sandals.

For a daytime outfit, match your high-heeled sandals with a pair of high-waist flared pants or a pair of straight cut pants. Avoid this type of sandals if you are going shopping or you have to walk all day long.

For the evening, opt for a straight cut dress and accessorize it with a clutch. You don’t have to use too many accessories and jewelry as high-heels are enough to feminize your silhouette. For a goddess look you should go for an airy, sheer long dress and a pair of versatile strappy sandals.

For a wild night out, choose a sweet baby-doll dress and pair it with your high-heeled sandals. In order to avoid a very sexy, vulgar look don’t associate very high-heeled sandals with a mini-skirt.

Tips to match your sandals

Choose a neutral color to your sandals so they could match to your outfits that don’t belong to a certain color scheme.

Generally, you should match your to your t-shirt or top.

If your sandals are flashy like electric blue, apple green or cherry red, you should go for plainer, sober outfits in related colors. Highlight your blue sandals by matching them to a pair of straight cut jeans and a white top.

If you have black or bronze sandals, you shouldn’t’ worry as they work with everything.

If your sandals have straps at the ankles, you can emphasize this detail by wearing a short skirt.