It’s a well-known fact that the more you cover from the delicate area of the waist the longer your legs will become. Indeed this is one of the ageless and time-tested tricks of stylist who manage to turn model into real sylphs due to their flawless and elongated silhouettes. Indeed there’s nothing more inspiring than to take some bits from the professional tendencies and embed them into our wardrobe. The tie-waist shorts fashion trend 2010 again managed to earned the respect and admiration of the public due to its power to improve our look and also add a breezy vibe to our outfits.

Those who are not pleased with their calves and legs might not be brave enough to stuff their wardrobe with these must have style pieces. However instead of skipping the look make sure you try your hand at it at least once. This is the secret to ultimate success and also to bring out the best of your apple, pear, hourglass or ‘you name it’ figure. These are some of the tricks to consider when sporting the latest tie-waist shorts trend for the spring/summer 2010 season.

One of the golden rules when sporting tie-waist shorts is indeed to let your legs speak for themselves. Prepare these spots for the warm season and flaunt your worth-admiring sun-kissed tan. There’s nothing to worry about their length, these style pieces were specially designed to fulfill your greatest wish and have model-like legs. Moreover designers also succeed in furnishing you with a large selection of short designs created from floating and breezy fabrics or tailored to accentuate curves. Choose the ones that make you look and feel confident and ready to head to the beach in a similar glam apparel.

Furthermore it is also important to consider the other basic clothing pieces paired with your shorts. As it is illustrated in these chic examples, tops, loose shirts and cute tees are also perfect to crown your outfit and contrast the shortness and eventually bulky texture of the shorts. Those who would like to shift the attention to the upper body should go for body-conscious designs that emphasize the decolletage. Whereas others who would like to let their lower body rule, should opt for the loose and breezy upper wear.

Footwear is also essential especially if we consider the effect of high heels and on the contrary flats on our silhouette. The must have shoe trends for 2010 include some of the most fashionable designs that can be paired with tie-waist shorts. Summer screams for sandals be it with killer heels, wedges or Gladiator type flat designs.

These all can flash the beauty of your shape especially when taking into account the style of your outfit as well as the length of your legs. Those who would like to emphasize the semi-formal and more romantic vibe of their image should go for the oh-so-popular pumps, wedges and sling-back shoes. These shoes would make them look like real models especially if they mastered the art of runway walking.

On the other hand some might look for a more Bohemian or Grunge-like appearance. The universal quality of tie-waist shorts lies in the ability of adapting to each of these alternatives looks. Pierce this groovy style item into your attire and make sure you complete the look with fringe sandals or summer boots. These two options would make you look feminine and at the same time unique and true to your fondness for these style trends.

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