Check out the fabulous vintage style fashion collection signed Thom. Dolan spring summer 2011 and discover the beauty of the new fashion trends!

Thom. Dolan spring/summer 2011 lookbook is a perfect reminder of how wonderful the new fashion trends are. This 2011 season fashion designers have found their muse in the past, vintage fashion styles and so the 50's and 60's fashion have made a huge comeback. It is absolutely amazing how much certain fashion styles can attract attention and can transform the look of a person. The new trends have allowed several fashion styles to be in trend and thus one has a variety of options to stay stylish.

The Thom. Dolan spring/summer 2011 collection is a perfect reminder of the 60's fashion style when casualness and femininity were in a perfect sync. Thomasine Dolan has managed to demonstrate her skills in the fashion industry for years now as she has been working for big names in the fashion industry such as Bill Blass, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic. It seems that with time she wanted to put her own print over a collection and so the Thom. Dolan brand was created.

The Thom. Dolan spring summer 2011 designs have a very stylish 60's vintage surf chic feel imprinted and this helps boost the collection's appeal. Her dream or revamping vintage styles to suit the modern times has been reached and we absolutely love the result.
A-line cut dresses were a huge hit in the 60's and they have been perfectly adapted to suit the new trends. Paired casually with lovely oxford shoes, the dresses receive a very stylish, comfortable and feminine look.

Lovely vintage style dresses which feature bolder colors are shown and that makes the dresses stand out. A silk hot pink scarf has been paired with different dresses to bring out the modern touches in the dress, making you stand out in a very feminine manner.

Shorts, pup overs and bikinis have been featured as well in the Thom. Dolan spring summer 2011 collection and they all look amazing. Cotton and silk seem to be the main fabrics used to create these stylish outfits but accessories such as stylish belts have managed to make all the difference underlining the fabulous style of the collection.
This collection is perfect for women who love vintage fashion and have a body type which is accentuated by these designs so if you think this collection suits your style, don't hesitate to purchase your favorite fashion items.

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