French women are righteously considered ambassadors of style, all over the world. Their simple and classy fashion sense amazes the public due to its refined and high-brow quality. As Gertrude Stein claimed “It was in Paris that the fashions were made”.

The greatest treasure that inspires envy is, that not only celebrities look gorgeous but also average people, street style in France is as sophisticated as red carpet fashion.

Fashion and fame go hand in hand in Paris – a glam style metropolis. How could haute couture designers as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Lauren and more experimental as Jean Paul Gaultier and Andre Courreges deny their origins.

Confidence – is engraved in the French children’s character right from an early age. Parents have a crucial role in teaching their children how to choose clothes that fit best.

French chic

Consequently their fashion consciousness will polish to a finesse as times go by. This ace in their hand radiates an aristocratic aura spotted from a distance. Paris in fact is the greatest capital of fashion, a center flooded by real trendsetters.

Proportion – is another keyword, the French – both women and men – tend to be very accurate when it comes to their outfit. You don’t see them mismatching colors or patterns.

Everything is defined beforehand, the plus-perfect pants as well as skirt stay on the right spot, never lower or higher. Proportion-consciousness is a must when it comes of education.

Fuss-free fashion – is typical for France, their motto is ‘make it low in appearance and high in quality‘. You might not know the actual brand they wear, still you’ll immediately notice that worth every penny.

Their image is smashing, casual looks are jazzed up with accessories that give the outfit a first class quality.You might see them in sneakers but not ones that are used for exhausting workouts, street style in France was taken to the next level, that dazzlingly resembles the one on the Paris Fashion Week shows.

Ultra-chic accessories are indeed signature traits of fashion-forward people. French wardrobes are completed with designer handbags, belts,scarves and also hats. These are essential props for the chic everyday looks.

The higher the quality the greater the effect. Wearing these on a daily basis is done instinctively. Monochrome or bright colored accessories find their place in both casual and classy outfits.