It seems that Alexander Wang has managed to create a fabulous collection for the T by Alexander Wang spring/summer 2011 season and this clearly shows from the first designs. Alexander Wang is definitely one of the youngest uber-talented fashion designers in the fashion industry but this hasn’t stopped him to create a name for himself in the fashion industry.

Alexander Wang is known for his incredibly stylish designs and the T by Alexander Wang spring summer 2011 collection is only underlining this statement. The collection has a very stylish yet laid back style which suits women who love fashion but want to maintain casual-chic look which attracts a generous amount of attention through the incredible way the fashion items are put together.

The collection seems to be expanding as there are a variety of designs featured in the spring summer 2011 lookbook. This means more women can find a stylish outfit from this collection, an outfit which not only suits their body type but personality and style as well. From stylish pants to the well known Wang signature ruched minis and baggy hoodies, Alexander Wang has created a variety of stylish fashion items which he has combined to create lovely casual chic and uber-stylish outfits.

The collection features casual loose dresses, medium skirts as well as mini tight fitting skirts so every woman can select a skirt style or dress which suits their style. Not everyone benefits from the same fashion outfits so variety is more than welcome when it comes to fashion. The dresses or skirts can be work with stylish jerseys or tees and the look will be absolutely transform. Mixing and matching seems to be the key shown by Alexander Wang to obtaining a stylish look using clothes.

Stylish sport style pants which feature a capri length look fabulous and can be highly versatile as Alexander Wang clearly demonstrates. The low gauge batting sweatpants look fabulous and can be work with skirts dresses, tees or hoodies depending on personal preference, the result being absolutely amazing. These outfits exude style so they should be worm by women who love fashion and looking stylish.

The colors used in the T by Alexander Wang spring/summer 2011 collection suit the new color trends perfectly so you can observe a fabulous color transition from white to hazelnut and black. Desert, hazelnut, black, white, grey, sage, melon, sherbet and rust are the dominant colors found in the collection. The outfits are very balanced, you can see outfits which feature a soft, warm coloration so they sooth the eyes, the boldness being given through the style of the outfits.

The collection will be available for purchase somewhere around January/February 2011 so don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite fashion items signed T by Alexander Wang.

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