Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style, so no wonder people are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. It is absolutely amazing how much an outfit can transform your look so don’t hesitate to wear stylish outfits which suit your style perfectly. The T by Alexander Wang 2011 resort lookbook can definitely help you receive a fabulous casual look perfect for your vacation.

Designers have always developed incredibly hot outfits which suit their style and vision and which people can relate to, and Alexander Wang is one of those designers which have demonstrated that casual style outfits can make you look outstanding as well.

The T by Alexander Wang 2011 resort lookbook demonstrates just how you can maintain a perfect balance between fabulously stylish outfits and comfort. Combo which is highly necessary especially when it comes to holiday outfits. Choosing a comfortable outfit is a must especially when you are going out walking. Clothes which are too tight on your body or which are made out of fabrics which don’t allow your skin to breath are not ideal for casual occasions.

The outfits featured in the T by Alexander Wang 2011 resort collection are perfect for women who want to adopt a more laid back style but an outfit which is still balanced and features stylish, in trend elements that are carefully put together to create a completely balanced look.

Leggings, jerseys, casual style skirts, shorts, stylish casual dresses, casual tops are the main fashion items which helped create this lovely casual resort 2011 collection. Mixing and matching some of these stylish and casual fashion items can create the that perfect laid back style outfit which you desire. Simple fashion items can too look fabulous and this collection underlines this statement best.

However the T by Alexander Wang resort 2011 collection is not for everyone. This collection suits best women who feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t need flashy outfits to look and feel great. The simplistic coloration of the collection suits perfectly the new fashion color trends for 2011 and maintain a similarly relaxed look as the collection. White, black, gray, beige and burgundy are the dominant colors in the collection and they look fabulous. Simple and relaxed, this collection can make you look and feel great at the same time so inspire yourself from the collection and adopt a more relaxed look whenever the occasion permits you to.

Photos courtesy of Alexander Wang