You're trying to find the best swim choice for your small cup size as you want to look gorgeous on the beach? Here are some tips how to boost up your beach look!

All of us are different and it is our aim to make sure that we have mix and match options to suit and flatter your own particular shape. In order to help you make the right decision when it comes to beachwear we have prepared a list of fitting and style tips to come to your aid when you select each item.
You've got weight problems, wider hips, and small cup sizes? No problem! We have several tips to help you work with what you've got so you can hide your flaws and boost your confidence. There are numerous swimsuit designs to choose from, designs that target different body types, so regardless if you're looking for a two piece or a one piece swimwear design, there's definitely something out there for you, all you need to know is what to look for!

Swimwear Tips for Small Cup Size Women

Prints, pastels and push-up bras are doing great job for you on the beach! Stick to moulded bras, like the Moulded Tris, Twisted Bandeau and Booster which give shape. The moulded Tris have subtle moulding in the cups so they are perfect for those who don't like padding but want some shape. The Tiki Halter Tri, V-wire Bandeau and Bond Bra also work well for smaller cups if you're not looking to fake bigger breasts.
If you are the classic Triangle shape make use of the prints, decorative detailing and ruched effect on the top half to draw attention upwards. The important thing is to look for a top that's more sophisticated so that it draws attention to your upper body, thus shifting the attention from your wide hips or round tummy.

If it's a one piece swimwear you're looking for, plunging decolletages, one shoulder designs with a more generous cut around the hips (to add length to your legs), padded swim pieces and embellished upper designs are your best picks.

Avoid bikinis that are too dark! They're diminishing curves, exactly what you don't need!
Stay away from plain halters as these can be flattening.

Photos: Victoria's Secret, Maaji Swimwear