Shorts are that clothing item that allows us to relax and forget about all the stiff outfits we have to wear at work. There are so many types of shorts where to choose from, you just need to put your imagination to the test and opt for one that works for your body shape, and accessorize it in order to get a chic summer look.

Boyish figure

For those of you who have a more androgynous, boyish figure shorts with different, stranger shapes are a good option. You can choose a pair of baggy shorts or ones with a high waist that can create the illusion of a curvier body. For a sexy and provocative look, pair high waisted shorts and a loose blouse, and beautiful high heeled sandals. Androgynous figures look great in short shorts too. However, in this case one should pay attention as shorts can become a little vulgar if they are not properly accessorized. Therefore, choose loose short shorts, a loose t-shirt, and a pair of flat sandals instead of high heels.

Plus size

Bermuda are the best option for women with curves. With their knee-length, these type of shorts have the gift of covering exactly what you want. Navy blue is the perfect color for a casual, daytime look, but it is also appropriate for a night out outfit if you pair it with a satin blouse in a light color. You might also try other colors such as beige, brown, khaki or red. Wear them with breezy blouses and lower heels.


Being a petite woman means having to deal with different problems when finding the right clothes for your figure. When it comes to shorts you need to choose the shortest ones. Moreover, if you go for ones with stripes, you’ll certainly manage to look taller than you really are. You may also opt for a short jumpsuit that can create the illusion of length. The short jumpsuit works well for curvier women too, as it hides a large stomach and big hips. If you choose it in breezy fabrics, the short jumpsuit can be a comfortable and unique item. Accessorize it with a belt, high heeled sandals or platforms, and oversized sunglasses.

Women who have long legs can easily find a pair of shorts to flatter their silhouette. Shorts that end just above the knee flatter them the most. This type of shorts are not too long to cover the legs, nor too short too make them look even longer.

If you have larger hips and buttocks, choose high-waisted shorts. Go for neutral colors such as black and beige, or denim. Avoid too bright and strong colors as they will only show the flaws. Wear them with a basic t-shirt, a loose blouse or a shirt, or a sailor t-shirt for a chic look. You can add a belt in order to emphasize the waist, and a pair of platforms.

There are also shorts that can be considered universally flattering as they can hide different body issues such as big hips, large stomach or they can even make your legs look longer. Therefore, don’t hesitate to add into your wardrobe a pair of mid-length shorts, or a pair of denim shorts. No silhouette makes exception to this rule.

If you are rather skinny, finding shorts that flatter your silhouette is the easiest thing to do. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t stick to the neutral colors, and choose bold and strong colors and prints. Consider yourself lucky as you can wear whatever you want.