Plain or with liberty prints, ruffled or ethnic, the maxi dress is a must-have for all fashion addicts regardless the body shape.

Prints. Printed maxi dresses are a must-have for summer, whether we are talking about floral, graphic or animal prints. You can choose printed maxi dresses in a soft, breezy silk, or a refreshing cotton one.

Poncho. Poncho maxi dresses are one of the hottest trends this summer, especially due to the comfort they offer. They offer originality to any look, and they can be worn for every occasion, and they flatter any silhouette.

Greek style. Greek style maxi dresses are not just for special occasions. For an everyday look, think of matching a maxi white dress, Greek cut, and a pair of golden gladiators.

White and nude. White maxi dresses are perfect for a casual, everyday look offering protection against from summer heat. For an evening look, choose a maxi nude dress.

Breezy. The fabrics preferred for maxi dresses are the breezy silky ones, comfortable for a hot summer day.

For petites The best thing you can do is to choose maxi dresses that sit closely to your body, and avoid larger ones. Also, dresses that ends just above the ankle flatter you the most, and you can wear them with flats and high heels. Moreover, as they are more close to the body, they create the illusion of lengthening. Too large dresses would only make you look shorter. Avoid horizontal stripes and large patterns. A V-neck dress elongates your silhouette, and solid colors flatter you the most.

Curvy If you are curvy, you should be happy as maxi dresses are the ideal option for your body shape. Always choose dresses that emphasize your qualities. Therefore, if you have a beautiful decollete, choose a dress that has a special neck opening and the lower part of the dress rather simple. The best thing would be that the lower part starts just below the chest. The maxi poncho dress works also for your body shape. If you have a well contoured figure, be daring and wear dresses that emphasize your hourglass figure, or just add a belt at the waist. Maxi dresses can also make you look taller and slimmer, especially if you are choosing plain colors. Stay away from large prints.

Tall and thin If you are tall and thin, avoid dresses that set close to your body and ones in plain colors as these will only make you look thinner. Choose maxi dresses with prints, with color combinations, made from breezy, soft fabrics. Strapless pleated dresses that emphasize the bust, and that start below the chest are the ideal ones. You can also opt for tight fitting dresses at the waist, but make sure that they are made from breezy fabrics.

Big chest Choose a dress that is breezy in the lower part in order to compensate the massive line of the bust, and create a balance. Don’t choose deep neck openings, as you’ll create a too big contrast with the long lower part. Choose neck openings that end just above the chest or V-neck openings with straight straps. Avoid too large prints in the chest area.