Nicholas Ghesquiere took the Balenciaga brand to another level, when creating the Balenciaga Resort 2009 collection. It’s amazing how he succeeded to mix two elements so different from each other, as he did it here.

Ghesquiere imagined a collection that looks both hard and soft, using fabrics, various elements in a dazzling way. His collection was extremely graphic, mixing soft elements with harder and tougher ones.

A mix of ’50s couture translated into pale colors meets a rather rock ‘n roll attitude, easily created by the designer using studs aplenty, tough-chic tailoring and leather motorcycle pants

As a visionary designer, Nicholas Ghesquiere finds it hard to choose, so the easiest way is to mix. No wonder that in the Balenciaga Resort 2009 collection we can discover a sort of nineties minimalism – painted jeans, layered tops, a refreshingly simple cotton suit. Balenciaga maintained that ultra-chic and feminine posture, using paired skinny pants with draped and twisted tops, silvery skirts.

The Balenciaga Resort 2009 collection has, and there’s no doubt about it, a certain touch of feminine romance. Simply by replacing the vibrant spring colors and prints with neutral colors, Balenciaga is a perfect mix of sharp tailoring and dreamy dresses. This collection has it all – corset-like top and semi-flow pleated skirt, swan dresses, body hugging overlapping layers, and demure neckline.