This summer the fashion color trends are various. From earth tones to bold neon colors the outfits look incredible. Here are a few of the new fashion color trends

In the Summer of 2009 the fashion color trend is characterized by extremes. We can see classic colors and bold, vivid color trends. Whether combined or separate theses colors can make you the center of attention. It's not all back to basics this year.

Black and white combinations are returning this year only in a more obvious pattern. There will be styles with different sophisticated patterns like butterflies, flowers and other summer appropriate designs, but in black and white.

Neutral colors like sand, beige and cream combined with another color like different shades of brown are very popular. These colors can be easily accessorized with funky belts and scarfs to add a little bit of a twist to the look.

Summer 2009 Colors

Turquoise and aqua blues are very, very hip. These colors flatter all skin tones so you should make sure you have these colors in your wardrobe. You can do combination of turquoise with other colors like purple and yellow or just wear it simple. The exotic and warmth these colors exude will contribute to a very sensual and feminine look.

Yellow is still in this summer so don't get rid of your old yellow clothes yet. Yellow is not a flattering color for everybody but don't be sad if it isn't for you as well. You can use yellow accessories because that way you can't go wrong.

Colors 2009

Fuchsia, red and orange look great with tanned and pale skin. These bold colors are perfect for summer and pleasure the eyes. You can accessorize with other colors as well for a funkier look.

Metallics are bringing the shine this summer. Different tints of silver and gold will add a bit of glam to our clothing. Don't use too much metallic to avoid looking like a tin can. Stick to wearing just a metallic T-shirt, a metallic purse or metallic shoes. Do not wear them all at one time.

2009 Color Trends