Summer is the perfect season when you can play with colors and different fabrics. But, before purchasing a summer dress read a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right dress for your body shape.


If you have a slim silhouette, slim waist and hips, and small bust, you need to add femininity to your androgynous silhouette. Therefore, pleated, ruffled dresses that create the illusion of curves and add volume are the perfect option. Go for belts in order to emphasize the waist, V necklines and trapezoidal dresses. For extra femininity accessorize your dress with beautiful jewelry and high heeled shoes. Avoid tight fitting dresses and round collars that will only enhance your small bust.

Curvy You have generous curves, especially on your top and bottom half, large hips and buttocks. In this case, you have to choose fluid dresses with prints, which will give the illusion of a longer silhouette, and it will hide the unwanted curves. Pay a lot of attention and avoid choosing a low rise. You should opt for fluid fabrics and forget about stretchy or jersey one.

A long dress or blouse worn with leggings works very well. Take accessories such as a belt to emphasize your waist. And don’t forget about the high-heeled shoes or sandals for a glam look. Avoid too tight, too short especially if you are not wearing high heels, and stay away from big prints.


If you are petite, you need a dress that can make you look taller and your legs look longer. A short dress with a structured cut such as an asymmetrical one is the perfect choice. Moreover, high heels are essential with a short dress especially if you want to look taller.

Also, pick some accessories that could create the illusion of length, like a scarf or a long collar. Avoid large and ample cuts and long dresses, high-heeled platforms and too big accessories that will only make you look smaller.

Top-heavy figure In this case you are quite big built, you have a generous chest, slim bottom and slim legs. The idea is to draw all the attention on the finest parts of the body such as the legs or the waist. Therefore, a dress with loose sleeves or a short one flatter you the most. Also, in order to reveal your sexy legs, wear an over the knee dress and a belt low rise. If you want to make your bust look slimmer, choose V-necks. Avoid dresses that have too many details on top, and go instead for simple lines. Avoid square necks that only accentuate the width of your bust, and belts worn too high.

Pear shape For a pear-shaped woman, slim on top and with large hips, we need to emphasize the bust with a tight-fitting dress on top and flared in the lower part. A dress with American armholes, with fine straps or a beautiful neckline (V-necks or square) can totally work for your body shape. Try to choose fluid fabrics. If you want to draw all the attention on your chest go for sexy necklines or a cute necklace. Avoid straight-cut dresses and tight-fitting ones.